‘The Walking Dead’ Thrills ‘First Time Again’

“The Walking Dead” sixth season premiere aired a few hours ago and it didn’t disappoint. From start to end the episode was action-packed and pacified the anticipation from “The Walking Dead” series fans. The story begins with thousands walkers threatening the community of Alexandria and the battle tested protagonists spring into action to resolve the situation.  The sixth season premiere was artistically presented in color with black-and-white flashbacks. Clearly the black and white sequences were an homage to George Romero’s zombie horror classic “Night of the Living Dead”.

During the flashbacks it becomes evident that certain residents of Alexandria are not too keen of Rick Grimes (portrayed by Andrew Lincoln) being the unofficial man-at-arms. Yet, there are those that have sided with Rick Grimes’ and his close knit crew. In a flashback, Deanna Monroe (portrayed by Tovah Feldshuh) tells Father Gabriel Stokes (Portrayed by Seth Gilliam) that he was wrong with his warning that Rick’s group posed a danger. Let’s not forget season six follows the grim events of the season five finale in which Rick Grimes executes the abusive Pete Anderson for the murder of Reg Monroe.

decaymag.com The Walking Dead S6 E1 Carter KilledThe episode was capped off with the death of Rick Grimes’s biggest adversary, Carter (portrayed by Ethan Embry). Earlier in the episode Carter was trying establish a plot to kill Rick, but his plans were thwarted when Dr. Eugene Porter (Portrayed by Josh McDermitt)  was caught eavesdropping on the rebellion. Carter on the verge of pulling the trigger on the frightened and helpless Eugene, is accidentally rescued when Rick walks in on the scenario. 

“The Walking Dead” season six premier, ‘First Time Again’ ended with an edge of your seat cliffhanger. An air horn sounds in the distance, sabotaging the already functional plan of reshuffling the hoard of zombies away from Alexandria.  The throng of undead are now making their way to the peacefully meek citizens of the community.

Who sounded the alarm? Who would intentionally sabotaged the safety of the citizens of Alexandria, and why?

“The Walking Dead” airs every Sunday evening at 9 p.m. Eastern time on AMC.


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