The Walking Dead S6 E3 “Thank you”… for the Heart attack Glenn and Nicholas Fight
That’s for committing suicide, jack ass!

The Walking Dead season six has proven to be an intense emotional roller coaster and episode three which aired on the 25th of October 2015 was no exception. After the shocking third episode titled “Thank You”, the question on every “The Walking Dead” fan’s mind was; Is Glenn Rhee dead?

Many were left speechless and utterly disappointed with the potential demise of one of the series star character, Glen Rhee. Its no surprise that Glenn Rhee does in fact die in the story line to “The Walking Dead” comic book series. However, circumstances have dramatically changed for the small screen adaptation of the popular zombie apocalyptic comic book series. What transpired last night on screen can be deemed as a rouse, a tactic the producers wanted the audience to believe…or at least try to believe.

Go to the footage!

  • Nicholas commits suicide, his lifeless body causes Glenn to lose balance and fall to the The Walking Dead s6 e3 "Thank you"
  • Nicholas is clearly seen shifting mid-fall and therefore lands atop of Glenn
  • Glenn has wind knocked out of him upon landing in the swarm of Walkers.
  • The Walkers begin their feast and devour the fallen
  • Glenn has a look of horror but not that of agony, he’s also not screaming in pain
  • By the intense savagery of The Walkers, you’d expect to see blood gushing our of Glenn’s mouth..yet there’s none.

Also it is important to note that on The Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page a picture of actor Steven Yeun, who portrays “The Walking Dead” character, Glenn Rhee is on the filming set with a yet to be introduced character to the series. In addition, actor Steven Yeun wasn’t present during the live segment of talk show “The Talking Dead” and a Memoriam section failed to mention Glenn Rhee’s name which is customary to every fallen hero.

What is your opinion did Glenn Rhee die or did he survive? Post your comments below.


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