Topps Partnership with AMC Offers TWD Game, Cards

Topps Partnership with AMC Offers TWD GAME

Topps Company, Inc. is a world renowned creator and distributor of sports card collectibles. Today, the industry giant issued a major announcement. Topps established a partnership with American-based television network AMC. The business alliance introduces a new collectible and interactive medium. Fans of “The Walking Dead” and “Fear The Walking Dead” will be ecstatic to know of:

“The Walking Dead: Card Trader” is a mobile game from Topps Digital app. The app is now available for IOS and Andriod devices.  “The Walking Dead: Card Trader” gives fans access to collectible cards. Cards become available daily. Each will incorporate key details to AMC’s acclaimed post-apocalyptic zombie drama. Characters of old and new will also be a feature in “The Walking Dead: Card Trader” app.

The app allows fans of “The Walking Dead” to collect and trade cards of their own choosing.  A limited edition card will is a daily feature during the first seven days of app use.

That’s not all….

“The Walking Dead: Complete Fifth Season” will available October 2016. This is a collection of physical trading cards. The set will explore the storyline set between Terminus and the journey to Alexandria. Autographed cards and artist-drawn sketch cards will be collector editions to look out for. There’s also the relic cards with pieces of actual set-worn costumes. Te latter will be much sought after editions.

There’s more…

“The Walking Dead: Survival Box” is a premium collector card set. This limited edition set has a scheduled release date for December 2016. This collection is the first-ever high-end trading card set on “The Walking Dead”.

General Manager of Topps Digital, Jeremy Strauser shared the following:

“…The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead have passionate and rabid fan bases looking for new and creative ways to stay connected to their favorite shows…”

 “….Topps is uniquely capable of delivering both physical and digital trading cards that will keep fans engaged and allow them to own a piece of these acclaimed shows…..”

Senior Vice President of Brand Activation and Promotions for AMC, Theresa Beyer added the following:

“…We are thrilled to be working with Topps to bring both great physical card products and an innovative digital app to our The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead fan base…” 


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