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Alienist, The Series Details DecayMag TNT The Alienist


Seth Fisher…. co-executive producer

Marshall Persinger…. co-executive producer

Ben Rosenblatt… co-executive producer

Release Year: 2018

Season: Season One


S1.E1 The Boy on the Bridge

S1. E2 A Fruitful Partnership


Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Monday, January 29th, 2018

Channel: TNT

Genre: Drama, Mystery

Running Time: 1 hr.


Crime reporter, John Moore, meets with psychologist, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler, to investigate a serial killer in New York during the late 19th century.


The Alienist makes its debut tonight on TNT. DecayMag secured previews for the initial two episodes which are; tonight’s premier pilot, “The Boy on The Bridge” and next week’s segment “A Fruitful Partnership”. Our spoiler-free analysis will incorporate both episodes and will reflect on the technical attributes. The Alienist unravels its tension-filled season across ten (10) episodes. Presented is a story that chronicles a suspenseful murder mystery set against a late nineteenth century New York City backdrop.

Dr. Laszlo Kreizler portrayed by Daniel Brühl leads the core group of protagonists to the narrative followed by Sara Howard played by Dakota Fanning and the third major figure to the cast is John Moore interpreted by Luke Evans. According to IMDb, The Alienist falls under the Drama, Mystery categories. I would add Horror to the mix. There are scenes that touch on the macabre and having a predatory serial killer influence shifts the series into the Horror realm.

DecayMag TNT The Alienist
The Alienist Ep 101 5/31/17


The Alienist follows typical murder mystery adaptations that have lured audiences for decades. This is the style of storytelling that features protagonist(s) seeking to deduce the identity and/or stop a killer before it attacks again. In The Alienist, audiences will follow a criminal psychologist, a newspaper illustrator, and a police secretary as they decipher the enigma enveloping a gruesome murder. For the initial two installments, the identity of the serial killer remains as elusive as the killer itself. Its safe to assume that this secrecy will continue until the closing portion of the season or the season finale itself.

Several examples of the who done it genre graced the small screen in recent years. Each of these productions had a Horror specific influences a slasher style aesthetic. Chiller, FOX, and MTV had adaptations of an identical concept but this proved to be erroneous. Each series while dissimilar in approach met an unfortunate demise via cancellations. It is exhilarating to observe a great deal of innovation invested in The Alienist. This production appears not follow a path already paved while maintaining genre-specific tropes. The series may not be original to the overall murder-mystery genre but the context, rivals and the roster of protagonists make this series a standout candidate.

DecayMag TNT The Alienist
The Alienist Ep 102 4/4/17

The plot is a delicate topic to delve into without giving away key details. However, the narrative development is one that takes the accolade. Although the pace feels fast, It is amazing how there’s enough calm for layered backstory. A Jack The Ripper theme is the pivotal conflict with edits made to the modeled source material. Even for those acquainted with the event, The Alienist develops a creative context for the grim historic event. Once the premiere episode ends it is clear, many viewers will tune into future installments. The reason is due to the clever cliffhangers that adorn the final minutes of Act III.

The characters feel sophisticated in particular, the part of Dr. Laszlo Kreizler. His demeanor can best measure as a goal-oriented, intense man. Dr. Kreizler has a rooted attachment to his patients, individuals society have deemed as vagabonds. Audiences will connect with this character with content based on his realistic drive and enthusiasm. It is easy to establish a correlation between Dr. Laszlo Kreizler and Sherlock Holmes. Its as if both figures are from the same cloth. This is where the deterioration begins with this role profile.

DecayMag TNT The Alienist
The Alienist Ep 102 4/5/17

Daniel Brühl portrays a powerful performance as Dr. Laszlo Kreizler. Brühl adds concentration that invites engagement. Aside from occupation and setting Brühl portrays a convincing American adaptation of Sherlock Holmes.

Continuing the above-noted comparison the character of John Moore equals a Watson-esque sidekick. Actor Luke Evans gives his character individualism to hold his own ground. In fact, the role of John Moore feels adaptable to satisfy current generation of viewers.

Actress Dakota Fanning depicts a strong female personality in her performance as Sara Howard. Yet, there looks to be something off about her portrayal. Analyzing the role it looks as though the personality comes across as mechanical. It becomes clear Howard is an independent woman competing within a male dominant profession. This circumstance echoes one too many times as if to suggest the viewer has a limited attention span. This cycle in the narrative besides Dakota’s absence of emotion creates a conflict with an otherwise developed character.

The alluring feature of The Alienist is the visuals. There’s considerable consideration to detail in recreating a late nineteenth-century backdrop. Not only does the set design look consistent there is a seamless flow of the included color overlays and special effects, each component compliment this production.

DecayMag TNT The Alienist
The Alienist Ep 102 4/12/17 f

In Conclusion

The Alienist reflects an Americanized adaptation of Sherlock Holmes with a combined Jack the Ripper storyline. The pros overweight the cons in this narrative. I would have favored a distinctive character construct, in particular behind the two main male characters. In terms of the acting, each performer elevates their given role but Dakota’s representation seems debatable. Overall, their on-screen charisma and conflict are persuading and connecting. Overall, the narrative and slate of unscrupulous figures are adequate to maintain audiences captivated and enthralled with subsequent episodes.

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