Blood Drive Episode 2 Relies on Humor and Horror

Blood Drive Series Details James Roland Blood Drive

Creator: James Roland 

Director:  David Straiton


James Roland (creator)

Marc Halsey

Nina Fiore…(story editor)

John Hererra…(story editor)

Release Year: 2017

Season: 1

Episode: Welcome to Pixie Swallow

Airdate:  June 21st, 2017

Genre: DramaHorrorSci-Fi 

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 1 hour


Grace & Arthur battle to stay off the menu at the first pit stop; Pixie Swallow Motel & Diner.

Episode 1 The F… Ing Cop Review

Blood Drive Accelerates With Debut Episode on Syfy

Episode 2 Welcome to Pixie Swallow

Blood Drive began with a rapid-paced pilot episode capturing attention with its Grindhouse aesthetic. Humorous Horror elements became the driving entertainment factor. Episode two, Welcome to Pixie Swallow continues the identical specification as episode one. Little focus goes toward an actual race. Viewers tuned in this week to an episode rich on action sequences. It seems the writing team reversed the plots and sub-plots roles. In favor of attention-grabbing visuals and combat heavy scenes. Any defining element on the protagonists takes a backseat in this week’s episode. James Roland Blood Drive

The ragtag alliance of Arthur Bailey and Grace Argento find themselves in a quandary. The duo, while at a rest stop are the confronted by ruthless cannibals. Bailey’s good guy charm and Argento’s street savviness feels raw with entertaining and noteworthy on-screen chemistry. The side story involving Christopher Carpenter and Aki doesn’t capture attention. The torture scenes are neither horrific nor comedic. Cringe-worthy is the best description to describe the circumstances within this subplot. Once again the show stealer is the villainous Julian Slink. The character is psychotic, unstable and a thrill to enjoy.

Episode 2: “Welcome to Pixie Swallow” offers some defining visual components. The gritty backdrops result from realistic looking props and horrific settings. Together each artistic contribution establishes a visceral visage. There’s also the creative lighting that helped attract the appropriate moods. From the action-heavy pieces to the gory showcases each scene had maximum potential. One unforgettable scene is in the kitchen, a final conflict found in Act III. Each rotation of a swinging kitchen door provided random flashes of a killer dicing his victim. James Roland Blood Drive

Aside from the extreme action sequences and comedy value, episode two was just a filler episode. Fillers are common for the midpoint of the season. A tactic to retain audience interest upcoming chapters. The idea often serves to elevate a revealing story arc. Welcome to Pixie Swallow hits on core backstory but its presentation lacks the specific influence to show significance.

Some viewers may appreciate this approach to the Blood Drive storyline. In this critic’s opinion, episode two had no other purpose than to combine action with Horror and a dash of Humor. James Roland Blood Drive

Update: June 21st, 2017

Blood Drive: A Coloring Book for Lunatics is now available. Here are the details per the press release

This irreverent and gory 18-page book features 4 vignettes from the world of Blood Drive, written by James Roland (Showrunner) and illustrated by Ryan Case.

Press Release

For the complete book visit the official Blood Drive landing page on Syfy


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