Mist, The Envelopes The Viewer With Gripping Drama

Mist, The Series Details 
DecayMag.com. Christian Torpe, Stephen King, Amanda Segel, Spike TV. The Mist

Creator  Christian Torpe

Release Year: 2017

Season: 1

Episode:   S1 EP 1

Airdate:  June 22, 2017

Genre: DramaHorror

Running Time:


After an eerie mist rolls into a small town, the residents must battle the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain morality and sanity.


Many Horror enthusiasts are acquainted with Stephen King’s literary creations. King holds a significant influence in the genre for his myriad of contributions. On the surface, King depicts uncanny supernatural evils and horrid monsters. Paradigms of society and our heinous crimes against each other serve as compelling storylines. At the root, each of King’s book is convincing exhibitions of human character. For instance, The Mist is about a disintegrating society once threats overrule civil organization. Mankind is the most frightening creature of all. This remains true when survival instincts become the guide.

In our daily news absorption fears, principles, and biases are fuels for heinous and detestable behavior. Passions, covetousness, and control are driving factors for many to suppress brethren. These callous emotions become established at young mindsets. Take, for instance, the act of bullying. Our real world is an unnerving void.

The Mist is an account of our internal monsters. The novella and accompanying visual mediums deliver paradoxes and analogies that best represent our social place. Combined in the narrative are theological and philosophical projections. The towering creatures presented in the story are open to individual interpretations. It is up to the viewer to determine their relevance. Denizens of a small Maine town seek shelter from these invading threats. Encapsulating random personalities offers a formula for catastrophe. The scene prepares for struggles to compound and sentiments to detonate.

Viewers tuning into the debut episode of The Mist will become drawn to the dramatic work and Horror elements. It is no surprise that Horror has developed into the most wanted genres on television. Spike TV executives took note on these increasing ratings and produced a fascinating concept of their own.

The Mist is the much-awaited television series to date. Season One comprises of ten, one-hour episodes. This re-envisioned adaptation to Stephen King’s novella will air the 22nd of June 2017 at 10:00 pm EST on Spike TV.


The pilot episode opens with suspense and Horror aesthetics. It is a lure that bribes curiosity with effectiveness. Showrunner Christian Torpe seems well acquainted in shaping emotions through visual compositions. Throughout the episode, viewers will find a story rich in controversy, relationships, and ambivalence. These narrative elements unfold before the cloud rolls in, literally. Core characters comprise attention while secondary roles develop slowly. After the episode ends a growing concern for the townspeople will linger. This is effective storytelling.

The roles offer grounded naturalness that connects well with general audiences. A tragedy opens wounds. Once this unfolds it is difficult not to have sentiment for the affected characters. Superb work from the cast in helping establish this touch of believability. Actress Gus Birney delivers a character with quirky innocence. The connection between Morgan Spector and Alyssa Sutherland evokes a strong emotional flow.  

DecayMag.com Christian Torpe The Mist

The Mist, although centered on Stephen King’s novella stands as a unique exploration in Horror. Creative direction deviates from the feature film released ten years ago. This connection is inevitable since it is a reference many feel comfortable with. Torpe’s vision uses a character-driven narrative. This is an element that lacks in most major Horror productions. Elaborate eye candy and regurgitated narratives appear to be the go-to selection for TV networks. The Mist strays from these cheap tactics and has an enhanced production level that will garner successful ratings.

CGI become reserved for the approaching cloudy menace. The appearance and use of one disgusting breed of insect become disturbing to watch. While practical effects are most supported by this reporter, the work of CGI plays well for The Mist and its face value. Gory fabrications appear within the final stages of the episode. Seen in a still frame, observed are the level of grotesque detail put into these props.

DecayMag.com. Christian Torpe, Stephen King, Amanda Segel, Spike TV. The Mist


A lack of practical effects. A lack of ethnic diversity in the cast. With the latter, only one African American actor, Okezie Morro has an influential role. 

In conclusion

The frictions and true to life storyline is an interesting component for The Mist. Practical effects are nonexistent and CGI accent this visual experience. Horror enthusiasts will enjoy the aesthetics presented in the introductory installment. Yet, the drama and its developing arc is the dominant subject for this television serires event.

DecayMag.com Christian Torpe The Mist

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