Mist, The. Trust is Questionable in Withdrawal

Mist, The Series Details 
DecayMag.com. Christian Torpe, Stephen King, Amanda Segel, Spike TV. The Mist

Creator  Christian Torpe

Release Year: 2017

Season: 1

Episode:   S1 EP 2 Withdrawal

Airdate:  June 29, 2017

Genre: DramaHorror

Running Time:


The Copeland family deal with being separated. Eve is forced to make a tough decision about the truth when put in danger at the mall.

Episode One Review

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Mist, The. Dramatic Horror To Grip Viewers -Episode Review


In The Mist episode two, a fascinating story develops. Infused within the approach is the model of realism. In an age of crisis, individuals will show their true colors. It’s survival of the strongest with clandestine agendas at the helm for many. This also offers a platform for others to remain dormant, to contemplating their next course of action in this apocalyptic scenario. The latter applies to the character Nathalie (Frances Conroy).

From the unfolding narrative, bad blood between Sheriff Connor Heisel (Darren Pettieand Kevin Copeland (Morgan Spectorescalates. While subtle K. Copeland has grown fatigued with Heisel’s cowardice and negligence of others. These traits question Heisel’s capacity as a leader and position of authority. This may or may not appear as a cliched character construct. It is not surprising to observe the odious person in these scenarios. From zombie films to a cloud covered expanse, individuals emerge as less of what they comprise. Consider it a feeble survival impulse. For K. Copeland, it won’t be a surprise to discover this character emerge as a team leader.

DecayMag.com The Mist

A democratic society becomes anchored at the mall with the building manager Gus Bradley (Isiah Whitlock Jracting as acting governor. The locale houses the preponderance of Bridgton residents. With this diverse crowd, sentiments are growing volatile. To keep viewer interest, the writers attached a layer of suspense. Placing a group of mysterious strangers amongst the locals changes the chemistry in this narrative arc. Another blatant ploy the writers used was putting Eve Copeland (Alyssa Sutherlandin peril. This situation was apparent and undesirable.

E. Copeland and a member of the unknown group go to secure a shortwave radio. The mission gets corrupted once E. Copeland discovers an ulterior motive. Now another subplot becomes cultivated. What information does the military establishment have in this situation?

DecayMag.com Christian Torpe The Mist

It’s delightful to see that the principal subject of episode one become nonexistent. This provides adequate opportunity for subplots to develop. Mia Lambert (Danica Curcicis of importance to this reporter. It will interest many to discover how Lambert’s relationship improves with Brian Hunt (Okezie Morro). Lambert has a backstory that needs further exploration.

There exist several cliffhangers that although subtle gives viewers something to look forward to. In the mall, E. Copeland has armed herself with the undercover officer’s weapon. This firearm will become pivotal future episodes. How will E. Copeland use this acquired weapon, in defense or threat? Will it get stolen from her thus bringing about a rift in the assembly?


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