Mist, The. Mystery Deepens For Several Characters

Mist, The Season 1, Episode 6 Series Review DecayMag.com. Richard Laxton, Stephen King, Spike TV. The Mist

Creator: James Hawes

Release Year: 2017

Season: 1

Episode: 6 The Devil You Know

Airdate: July 27, 2017

Genre: Drama, Horror

Running Time: 43 Minutes


At the hospital Kevin becomes an involuntary test subject on what is driving the mist. Meanwhile at the church, Nathalie Raven discusses her theories about the mist and has a violent encounter with one of the church parishioners.

DecayMag.com. Richard Laxton, Stephen King, Spike TV. The Mist
Kevin (r -Morgan Spector) leans on Adrian (r- Russell Posner) after he involuntarily becomes a test subject on what is driving the mist in Episode 6 of Spike TV’s THE MIST, based on a story by Stephen King, which premieres airs on Thursday, July 27 at 10 PM, ET/PT.


In The Mist Season 1, Episode 6, new discoveries are made and harsh truths come to surface. Kevin Cunningham (Morgan Spector) decides it’s time to leave the hospital, but finds his keys are stolen, and Mia Lambert (Danica Curcic) has gone. While trying to find a solution, Kevin runs into Doctor Bailey (Neal Huff), who has resorted to extreme measures in trying to find a cure to the sickness that has spread throughout the patients and the hospital. Kevin finds himself an involuntary test subject for Doctor Bailey, and his life is at risk. During this event, we have a glimpse of another creature of the mysterious Mist.

Adrian Garff (Russell Posner) finds Tyler Denton (Christopher Gray) to say goodbye to him, but Tyler turns a cold shoulder. Observing, this seems to be out of spite of his family. I speculate a secret identity Tyler keeps from his family and friends. This becomes apparent when you notice his hesitation towards Adrian.

DecayMag.com. Richard Laxton, Stephen King, Spike TV. The Mist
Eve Copeland (far r- Alyssa Sutherland) continues to protect her daughter Alex ( center- Gus Birney)from Jay (l-Luke Cosgrove) over at the mall in Episode 6 of Spike TV’s THE MIST, from a story by Stephen King, which premieres airs on Thursday, July27 at 10 pm ET/PT.

Bryan Hunt (Okezie Morro) has a run-in with a mysterious man who is pretending to be him. When he approaches him and asks who he is, the man becomes aggressive and violent. He then whispers; “They will find you.”, This brings about a lot of questions. Who are ‘they’? What business do they have with Bryan? Bryan seems to have lost his memory. He doesn’t know who he is, himself. Hopefully, these questions will get answered soon enough.

Mia has rushed to a house. Is it her house? A house from her childhood? These questions come from the events that stem from within the house. Mia has hallucinations of her mother, Anna (Marylouise Burke). Or are they hallucinations? This sudden event begs for a more in-depth backstory on Mia and her family. Mia suffers from the trauma of some sort that’s rooted in her family history.

At the Mall, Eve Copeland (Alyssa Sutherland), Alex Cunningham (Gus Birney), and a group of people gather around in the dark rooms and try to survive. Alex misses her dad, Kevin, and offers to run for help. She makes a statement that something in the Mist came for her friend, and questioned why it didn’t take her. This brings around assumptions she is not good enough.

At the Church, Nathalie (Frances Conroy) talks to a small group of people. Possibly about the Mist and what it all means? This does not make Father Romanov (Dan Butler) in the slightest bit pleased. However, he dismisses it as to keep the peace. On the same token, Wes Foster (Greg Hovanessian) is displeased, and that Father Romanov refuses to do something about it. So, he takes matters into his own hands and condemns Nathalie.

Nathalie is an intriguing character. She has a very nurturing demeanor about her. She talks about the Mist like she knows what is going on, why it has come, and what it’s purpose is. I am eager to learn more about what she may know.

Episode 6 ends rather abruptly. You feel there was more to it. But it gave me the vibe that filming time ran out and it cut short. There was also a lot of chaos in this episode. Not enough elaboration on the Mist, as I hoped there would be after the previous episode. Hopefully, there is more action in episode 7.


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