Fortitude US Teaser Trailer Released Simon Donald FortitudeFortitude, the Drama, Thriller set in the frozen landscape of the Artic wilderness will begin its second season. Pivot released an exclusive U.S. first look teaser trailer. The second season consists of ten one-hour episodes. A new slate of cast members joins the production  Dennis Quaid and Paminder Nagra along with the returning Sofie Gråbol and Michelle Fairley.

The synopsis to “Fortitude” reads as follows:

Fortitude is a place like nowhere else on Earth. Surrounded by the savage beauty of the polar landscape, its future sparkling with the promise of Arctic opportunity, wealth and discovery, Fortitude is one of the safest towns on earth. There has never been a violent crime here. Until now.

Fortitude is produced by

  • Fifty Fathoms Productions
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Tiger Aspect Productions

With U.S. distribution by

  • Pivot TV

The series premiered in 2015 and is from creator Simon Donald. The broadcast premiere to ““Fortitude.” season two aired in the UK at 9:00pm GMT, 2:00pm PT June 27th 2016.

Season One Episode Listing:

[toggle title=”29 Jan. 2015 Episode #1.1″ state=”open”]A dark event rocks the remote Arctic town of Fortitude.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”5 Feb. 2015 Episode #1.2″ state=”close”]Sheriff Anderssen and the police close in on their murder suspect, while DCI Morton follows a different line of inquiry.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”12 Feb. 2015 Episode #1.3″ state=”close”]Dan and Frank travel up the coast in search of a suspect; Dan’s feelings for Elena threaten to overwhelm him.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”19 Feb. 2015 Episode #1.4″ state=”close”]Following Dan’s loss of control, Morton takes over the murder investigation. Elsewhere, Elena’s mysterious past is about to catch up with her.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”26 Feb. 2015 Episode #1.5″ state=”close”]Everyone is a suspect in the murder of Charlie Stoddard, especially Frank and Elena. The Sheriff seems to have some emotional tie to Elena/Esmerelda, and the truth soon comes to light: she spent 7 years in prison for killing an ex-boyfriend who abused her during their relationship, and the Sheriff handles her case to the extent of providing her with a new identity.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”5 Mar. 2015 Episode #1.6″ state=”close”]While Morton uncovers new information about the death of Billy Pettigrew, Hildur makes a heart-breaking discovery. Another gruesome event occurs in Fortitude.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”12 Mar. 2015 Episode #1.7″ state=”close”]Panic sweeps through Fortitude as news of the second attack spreads. Dan and Morton must work together while Frank hopes the latest events will exonerate Liam.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”19 Mar. 2015 Episode #1.8″ state=”close”]While Frank takes the law into his own hands, DCI Morton closes in on the truth about Pettigrew’s death. Vincent and Natalie also make a discovery.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”26 Mar. 2015 Episode #1.9″ state=”close”]DCI Morton pursues Henry Tyson into the Arctic wilderness in search of the truth, while worrying test results force Governor Odegard to take drastic action.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”2 Apr. 2015 Episode #1.10″ state=”close”]The truth about Billy Pettigrew is revealed. In the lab, Natalie and Vincent probe the cause of the disturbing events in Fortitude.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”9 Apr. 2015 Episode #1.11″ state=”close”]Vincent faces a life-threatening situation, while Dan must make a devastating decision.[/toggle] Simon Donald Fortitude


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