Shannara Chronicles, The. Sneak Peak Promo Delivers Climatic Storyline

Shannara Chronicles, The. Series Details Alfred Gough, James Millar. The Shannara Chronicles


Alfred GoughMiles Millar

Release Year: 2017

Season: Season One

Episode: Chosen: Part 1


Thursday, June 29 at 11 pm ET/PT

Network: Spike

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Running Time: 42min

Rating: TV-14


Amberlie becomes one of the Chosen but has a frightful vision. Eretria sets her sights on Wil and the Elfstones he received from his dying mother.



The Shannara Chronicles Season One will release summer 2017 and will follow the Spike original series, The Mist. The second season will air this fall also on Spike TV. The series has a basis on the book series of the same title penned by Terry Brooks.

At first glance, The Shannara Chronicles falls into the young adult oriented literary compositions. This field comprises pieces by author Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth, and Stephenie Meyer. The backdrop Brooks establishes is a period of dragons and opposing clans. With the latter enemies are in pursuance of territory and government. There is also the religious contexts with demons eyeing to destroy the universe.

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The Latest

Spike TV delivered a sneak peek preview released yesterday for episode one titled, Chosen: Part 1. The video is available on the official web page via Spike and we also embedded the video above.

From the footage, it’s evident that a group of young adults is embarking in a critical moment of their lives. A militaristic training is weeding out the strong from the meek. With little knowledge of the story, opinion is reserved for the purpose of this training. Yet, as stated there is a sense of the familiar, watching the footage it’s unmistakable the parallel with the dystopian counterpart authored by Roth.

One of the striking elements featured in the series is the special effects. While practical effects is a preferred choice the technology exhibited in The Shannara Chronicles has awe-inspiring qualities.


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