Van Helsing A Reimagined Series on Syfy

Van Helsing Television Series: SyFy Unleashes Promo Art Van Helsing Tv Action Horror Drama

Directors: Michael Nankin, Simon Barry, David Frazee, Jason Priestley, Amanda Tapping
Writers: Simon Barry, Jonathan Walker, Jackie May, Neil LaBute
Release Date: September 23, 2016

Van Helsing television series is nearing it’s premiere release. The series is directed by Michael Nankin, Simon Barry, David Frazee, Jason Priestley, and Amanda Tapping, and written by Barry, Jonathan Walker, Jackie May, and Neil LaBute.

Van Helsing is a total re-imagination of a timeless brand, set in a world dominated and controlled by vampires. Vanessa Helsing is the last hope for survival, as she unknowingly awakens to discover she has a unique blood composition that makes her not only immune to vampires, but with the ability to turn a vampire human.

With this secret weapon, Vanessa becomes a prime target for the vampires, while trying to save humanity. SyFy Van HelsingThe legacy of Van Helsing travels back to the 30s. Professor Abraham Van Helsing first made his appearance in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the character portrayed by Edward Van Sloan.

Stephen Sommers’ 2004 Van Helsing film told the story (portrayed by Hugh Jackman), a vampire hunter on a quest to stop Count Dracula’s reign.

Contrary to the film, the Van Helsing television series will tell the story of Vanessa Helsing, a relative of Abraham Van Helsing, who is resurrected in the future where vampires have taken over. However, the television series is taking a different approach and is being geared for modern audiences.

Vanessa Helsing is a distant a relative that comes from a generation of famous vampires. The series will take place in the distant future, and will put a whole new spin on the Dracula legacy. Sounds like the roles are being reversed:

“The series is unique in exploring a world completely dominated by vampires, while the human characters have to learn the importance of working together to ensure their survival.”

This is definitely switching the two worlds, as in the genre of Vampires, we are used to humans having primary domination and vampires struggling to stay in the shadows and fight for the survival of their race.

But we are in a time where things are changing at a rapid pace, and this doesn’t exclude the future of cinema.

“I am extremely excited to be working with Syfy and Nomadic Pictures to create a unique, character-driven action series that will move the traditional vampire tropes into bold and unexpected new territories”

Neil LaBute, Van Helsing Writer, Producer

Kelly Overton will star the lead role as Vanessa Helsing. The supporting cast includes Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Rukiya Bernard, David Cubitt, Vincent Gale, Hilary Jardine, Trezzo Mahoro, Aleks Paunovic, Alison Wandzura, Laura Mennell, and Paul Johansson.

Van Helsing television series will premiere on SyFy September 23, 2016.


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