Walking Dead S6 Finale: Who Will Tragedy Befall..

Walking Dead Season Six ends this Sunday.

As most are aware the season finale will be ninety minutes of pure action and heart pounding moments. It also comes to no surprise that a core member of the group will perish. “The Walking Dead” aficionados already know who the unfortunate victim will be.

Episode fifteen ended in a cliffhanger. Core characters; GlennMichonneDaryl and Rosita are held hostage by “The Savage Saviors”, a bloodthirsty group of survivors. The character Dwight, affiliate of “The Savage Saviors” pulls the trigger to his firearm. The target? The viewer is to assume it to be Daryl Dixon.

This is the set-up for episode sixteen, the season six finale to “The Walking Dead”. The state of affairs coincides with the setting of issue one hundred (100) to the comic book series. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will portray Negan, callous leader of “The Savage Saviors”. Negan makes his long awaited debut in “The Walking Dead” season six finale.

The introduction of this villainous character raises the odds against one individual in particular. One of the longest running character in “The Walking Dead” mythos dies by Negan’s The Walking Dead 100hand.

Will the horrible fate of Glenn Rhee to viewers this Sunday the 3rd of April 2016?
Gruesome events unfold within issue one hundred (100) to “The Walking Dead” comic series. Negan’s barbed-wired baseball bat and Glenn Rhee get acquainted with brutal fashion.

It’s no surprise that the television series adaptation differs from the comic book series. AMC’s reigning ratings champion has steered its own story-line path. “The Walking Dead” season six finale will be a defining moment for enthusiasts.

The theory on this character’s impending doom may hold true on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016 and it should.  Chaos will ensue withing the ninety minute run time of “The Walking Dead” season Six finale. That’s indisputable and inevitable. If Glenn Rhee (portrayed by Steven Yeun) survives unscathed it will incite criticism among “The Walking Dead” enthusiasts.

This is not the first time Glen finds himself in a life-threatening situation. Through out the series this character has escaped death on more than one occasion. “The Walking Dead” producer Scott M. Gimple shared the following comment in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

“..Glenn, from the moment we meet him on the show, is somebody who oddly runs into danger. Up until the point that he found Maggie, he was really not thinking about his own life too much, and there’s dialogue in the show directly to that. But once he got together with Maggie, then he had this thing to fight for, and he finds himself throwing himself into danger again on regular basis…

“…it’s all for Maggie that he has this near-death experience. There’s something about the DNA of that character and the way he operates and sees the world that he’s someone who finds himself in those situations a lot…”

Excerpt The Hollywood Reporter

Season 6, Episode 16 “The Walking Dead: Last Day on Earth” Airs on Sunday the 3rd of April 2016. Check your local listing for time of

Rick and the group must go outside the walls to save one of their own. What they experience on the road will change their lives forever.

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