Wolf Creek: The Series Part II of II Trailer Analysis

wolf creek_aThe opening shot delivers a picturesque reveal of the setting. The Australian backdrop is as an important factor to the story. In reality the backdrop is a character in itself. A trailer pierces trough the desolate road. Presented is the nationality of those riding within the vehicle. American flags flutter atop of the vehicle.​ The clever emphasis added to the scene is another ingredient to the “Wolf Creek” formula.

As many are aware foreigners are the preferred target for serial killer Mick Taylor. Thus, its safe to assume the occupants of the mobile home are disposable characters. “Wolf Creek: The wolf creek_bSeries” follows the template offered within the films. This observation is evident within the scenes that follow.

The serial killer presents himself to the tourists. Taylor gains trust using a sense of unorthodox charm. Suspicion is void towards this unhinged character. After all Mick Taylor is a friendly local. There isn’t much to change in this simple yet successful formula. The only criticism here is the ignorance exhibited by the tourists. Why do Caucasians lack common sense in Horror films? In this case Americans as portrayed as gullible prey.  A reconstruction within this particular aspect can drive the presentation away from clichéd fundamentals.

wolf creek_c

“Wolf creek: The Series” shifts gears from traditional slasher film to psychological Thriller. Eve is the lone survivor of the senseless murder of her family. The arc in the story line now centers on Eve’s personal quest for vengeance. Presented here is the female heroine against the threat of a masculine authoritative figure.

The Horror genre is build on this timeless feminist empowerment concept. Does this particular turn of events tread on borrowed concepts? Perhaps but not exactly. “Wolf Creek: The Series” is reinventing itself from the slasher forum. The first film offered a similar story line. Yet, this reconstructed execution delves into the hunter being the hunted medium. wolf creek_d

Eve transforms to whatever person she was to different entity altogether. The metamorphosis is represented by the symbolic use of fire.

The scenes that follow offer insight to the Thriller aspect of the plot. A lone woman on the hunt for her family’s killer. Information presented to wolf creek_fEve fuels her desire to bring vigilante justice to the cold-hearted perpetrator. Presented  is the classic cat and mouse formula.

“Wolf Creek: The series” treks in a different direction. The mini-series is not the usual hunter hunts, hunter kills expression. The reinvented formula presented will cater to wider audiences without sacrificing traditional Horror elements.


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