The upcoming Eli Roth Thriller starring Keanu Reeves does not have an upcoming video game, therefore its not to be confused with the game from indie developer Ice-Pick Lodge studios.

Arriving to the PS4 on the 10th of September is a quirky stealth horror game titled “Knock Knock”. Initially backed on Kickstarter, “Knock Knock”  has a unique and rather macabre backstory that sets it apart from other games.

In November 2011 Ice-Pick Lodge studios received a mysterious email from an anonymous source, in it were attachment as the developers would describe as;

“mysterious scribbles, notes, and audio files — coupled with a vague description of a possible game..”

Whether fueled by curiosity, creativity or perhaps a fusion of both, the developers behind “Knock Knock” used content from the ominous correspondence to construct a visual masterpiece.

The Developers add:

“’s just that our quest was to recreate a place, a feeling, and an idea first captured in a set of disjointed snippets, bits, and pieces that we extracted from the archive…”

Based on the gameplay trailer we can clearly see that “Knock Knock” intends to engage the player with psychological horror  as opposed to the traditional use of frights and violence commonly found in horror games. From its creepy visual to surreal soundtrack every portion of the game appears to have been painstakingly created with the intent on setting it apart from the crowded gaming horror genre.

..whatever the origins of the e-mail were, we’re more than happy that someone or something has given us a nudge to add to it while scaring ourselves witless in the process.

After the initial release of “Knock Knock” the developers at Ice-Pick Lodge studios were ecstatic on the end product. Their creation however was given some critique from the original mysterious sender, as if he were a ghostly overseer of the game’s development.  The mysterious correspondence claimed the developers;

“..made several mistakes, but got the general gist just right.”

With an intriguing backstory, years or hard work and development, “Knock Knock” is surely to engage players with a much needed alternative in horror gaming.




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