Advertising Horror: The Attention Tactic

Advertising Horror Overview

Professional everyday companies are becoming an advocate for horror. Companies are looking for new ways to advertise and promote their products. Not just any products, the products that we buy and use everyday. What better way to advertise and promote than with horror movies? Three of these companies to hop on the horror train are PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Chevrolet, and Woolite.

Melanie Light and PETA

What’s the organization advertising?

PETA is an advocate for animal rights. They fight against animal cruelty. Melanie Light  introduced a short horror film called “The Herd”.

“The film explores what it would be like if human women were held captive and impregnated, all so that their milk could be harvested and sold.”

When you take a deeper look, this only mirrors the delicate lives of animals. In this case, cows. The synopsis for “The Herd” is interesting, but, yet the internal message is much deeper. Cows are impregnated to produce milk for humans. Once their offspring are born, they are taken away. Their produced milk becomes milk for humans. The parent cows are then slaughtered and sold as meat. The same meat that the majority of humans consume on a daily basis (beef, veal). It’s a vicious cycle.

“The Herd” is an inside look to the brutality of animals. PETA and Light have introduced this horrific short film with an intended message. Where, instead cows being the prey, humans are the prey. The message:

“Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment or abuse in any other way.”

Cast and Crew

Director: Melanie Light

Actors: Victoria Broom, Pollyanna Mcintosh, Charlote Hunter, Dylan Barnes, Jon Campling


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