Agatha Makes Impactful Debut on Crypt TV

Agatha Film Details

Director: Timothy Timothy Vandenberg Agathaerg

Writer: Alex GoyetteTimothy Vandenberg

Release Date: Film Festival Circulation

Release Format: TBD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Short, Horror, Mystery

Running Time: 9 minutes

Social Media: CryptTV 


Young Sophie has been hired to bring food every night to a mysterious old woman who is locked in an attic. Is the old woman a prisoner? Is she dangerous?  Each night, as Sophie completes her task, her curiosity draws her closer and closer to what might be her last meal


Agatha was one of the most significant Horror shorts in 2016. Many production elements performed in concert augmenting Timothy Vandenberg’s conception. Vandenberg presents an extraordinary supernatural/creature concept while encompassing a message regarding the pessimistic impact of curiosity. The viewer enters an atmospheric sense of dread for the duration of this production. Besides the remarkable visuals, the acting too serves as a leading contribution.

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Agatha completed its festival circulation in November 2017 and as of January 5, 2018, secured its debut on video on demand platform, Crypt TV. Since its debut, Vandenberg’s Horror short has earned over five hundred thousand views.

Provided below is the screener for Agatha.

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