Blood Drive A Reimagined Death Race

Blood Drive Series Details James Roland Blood Drive

Creator: James Roland 

Release Year: 2017

Season: 1

Episode:  The F… Ing Cop

Airdate:  June 14th 2017

Genre: DramaHorrorSci-Fi 

Rating: TV-MA

Running Time: 1 hour


Set in a near-dystopian future, the series features a former cop, who is forced to take part in a death race in which cars run on human blood as fuel.


Syfy aims to convey an era long forgotten with Blood Drive. The series debuts tonight, the 14th of June 2017 at 10:00 pm EST. The first season comprises thirteen (13) one hour long episodes. Showrunner Jame Roland infused modern visual storytelling with aged Grindhouse aesthetics. See below for our generalized outline of Grindhouse cinema;

• The Grindhouse era reigned during the late sixties, into the seventies and dispersed within the mid-eighties. The name characterizes the seedy movie theaters that were prevalent. This stylized model of filmmaking offered elements. Showcased were flicks rich with vulgarity, extreme brutality, and hollow narratives. These productions lacked technical accomplishment with crude editing being the obvious influence.

• Unlike today’s system, Grindhouse films played as double, triple and sometimes as all-nighters. Commercials, pornography or trailers performed during Intermission.

• Filmmakers Robert Rodriguez and Quintin Tarantino reintroduced the Grindhouse theme for contemporary markets with several themed issues.

Blood Drive uses the Grindhouse appeal, artistic and exploitative content. To sum, each element emphasizes the strange action-driven storyline. Pun intended. The trailers and promotional clips for Blood Drive have audiences psyched. This marketing campaign was victorious in garnering attention. The warning labels accompanying these videos suggest intense material too offensive to present. In actuality, the series is not as severe as advertised. Blood Drive steers across a separate track with toned violence. Yet, there is enough blood and destruction to maintain the Grindhouse commercial design. James Roland Blood Drive


Syfy will always be infamous for it’s B-movie Horror films. Yet, their roster of television programming holds a distinct set of sophisticated artistic quality. Blood Drive delivers an impressive combination of set designs, costume, and visual effects. Scenes vary between dilapidated city streets, grimy police stations to polished corporate facilities. Each environment conveys character and presents a feature on their own.

The music score feels authentic to the post-apocalyptic era. Action sets are constructs of adrenaline rich soundscapes. The heightened emotion is an outcome of well choreographed visual and audio cues. Be sure to listen to our exclusive interview with Micheal Gatt, composer for Blood Drive in our interview Gatt provides information on his approach to creating the music for Syfy’s new series. James Roland Blood Drive

Actor Alan Ritchson and actress Christina Ochoa delivers the quintessential good guy, bad guy formula. This standard in fictional relationships is boring and an exaggeration of itself. Ritchson and Ochoa make the appeal work by having the characters feed off of each other personalities. However, the devaluation to this dynamic surrenders as the narrative progress.

The subplot featuring actor Thomas Dominique and actress Marama Corlett are too of interesting value but lack in emotional value. The relationship between the two concentrates on erotic and sadomasochism tonalities. While the situation may conjure laughs this reaction doesn’t linger too long. James Roland Blood Drive

The spotlight goes to the villainous Colin Cunningham. The actor embodies every virtue a mid-level scoundrel should hold. Comedy, charm, and cruelty entwine into an exquisite exhibition. Cunningham gives his character a peculiar quality cementing the menacing ringmaster with iconic quality.

Gore and carnage may not flow as advertised yet when offered the practical effects department deliver products of admiration. From dismembered body parts to blood coated victims these areas offer impressions of expertise. The visuals are works of art. In relative, the special effects provide the designated aim; to complement not overwhelm the compositions. Viewers will enjoy the series for its Grindhouse aesthetic not CGI influence. James Roland Blood Drive

Blood Drive as the series advances turns into a satire unto itself. This is a fascinating proposal to the narrative. The unpredictable and novel idea elevates the series when at its critical stage. The allure will falter midway through the series. Expect it.


The area Blood Drive fails is with originality and story composition. A theme can be repackaged, rebranded and reissued but the original idea will always remain. Showrunner James Roland regurgitates Roger Corman’s vision and placed it on the small screen. The parallels between the two mediums extend beyond the core concept.

Blood Drive is comprised of filler episodes. With exception to the first two episodes, the series continues with unassociated, intertwined storylines. The race itself falls on the backburner while other narratives take shape.

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