Death By, Interactive quiz challenges Horror cinephiles

Death By, Interactive Horror game is all about the weapons

“Do you want to play a game?”

An online quiz released today courtesy of RS Components. The challenge titled; Death By puts memory power to the test. Strong familiarity in Horror cinema is not essential. The key to passing this exam is the fun element. Although simplistic RS Components created an engaging product that fits into any busy schedule. In a way, Death By is a casual time killer, pun intended.

Depending on the level of Horror cinema knowledge Death By can be easy to complete. Those unfamiliar with the genre may want to ask for some help. This is where the entertaining aspect comes into play.

Provided are a series of illustration of iconic murder weapons. The player must associate the name of the film associated with the weapon. Before penning this article a moment went into quizzing ourselves in “Death By”. Our results were thirteen (13) our of sixteen (16) correct. There’s isn’t a finally tally and prizes aren’t given away for having a perfect score.

To access “Death By” scroll to the end of this article. After your session gives us your thoughts in the comments section.

The following is an excerpt from the press release issued earlier today

Sometimes it’s not only the iconic act that is most memorable for us, but the object used to complete the, mostly gory, bludgeoning. These weapons of destruction can come in the most elusive forms; a kitchen staple? Or a gardening tool? The villains on our screens could put together the most terrifying of deaths when left alone in an empty room, let alone what masterpieces they could create from Ikea!


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