“Death Note” is a supernatural, suspense Japanese manga (equivalent to American comic books) written by Tsunami Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. “Death Note” began circulation in 2003 and extended into the latter part of 2006 reaching sales of upward to 25 million copies. With the incredible surge in popularity, the “Death Note” concept solidified itself as a franchise by expanding into thirty-seven episode televised anime (animation episodes), three live action films and several video games.

The “Death Note” franchise even extended as a musical with a brief run at the Nissay Theatre, Tokyo. Japanese/American entertainment company; Viz Media released the “Death Note” manga, anime and the three live action film to the North American market.

“Death Note” has a unique in-depth storyline, a narrative that weaved across thousands of pages within hundreds of published manga volumes. However the basic premise of the plot can be summarized as follows:

Light Yagami, a teenager who comes comes across a mysterious notebook that allows him to kill by writing his victim’s name in it.

Warner Brothers countdown timer for “Death Note”

WB DN countdown

As of the time of this writing a countdown timer is set up on the Warner Brothers studio website. It’s uncertain what will occur after the countdown ends, which is set to expire this Sunday, the 13th of September 2015 at 10:30 p.m. Coincidentally, the countdown stops in concert with the start of the live-action Death Note series finale.

Adam WingardEarlier this year THR reported exclusively that the popular Japanese anime/manga “Death Note” will be getting a Hollywood remake. Currently signed on to direct the project is Adam Wingard most notable for; the 2011 home invasion Thriller “You’re Next” the 2013 Thriller “The Guest” and segments “Tape 56” to the 2012 horror anthology; “V/H/S”, and “Q is for Quack” for the 2012 horror anthology; ”The ABC’s of Death”.

Notable Action movie film writer, Shane Black is rumored to pen the Hollywood shane Blackversion to “Death Note”. Shane Black’s career began with th 1987 buddy cop film “Lethal Weapon”, his credits also include; 1987 horror comedy “The Monster Squad”, and 2013 Marvel actionier “Iron Man 3”

Warner Bros. have not issued a release date to the Hollywood remake of “Death Note”. Is the countdown currently in effect on the Warner Bros website be lead to possible reveal to the American adaptation of “Death Note”,  a reveal perhaps?



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