Fright-Rags: New ‘Halloween’ Collection

Fright-Rags: John Carpenter and Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’ Collection Fright Rags Halloween Collection


Halloween is steaming up over at Fright-Rags. The popular Horror shirt company has recently released a collection in honor of Rob Zombie’s latest Horror gore flick, 31, among of a range of other new items. Now, Fright-Rags has just recently welcomed John Carpenter’s Halloween collection.

In 1978, John Carpenter introduced the world to Halloween, which would become a cult sensation almost overnight. It received such a great response among audiences that it will always be an iconic legend in Horror cinema history.

Rob Zombie pays tribute to John Carpenter’s 1978 Horror classic with a modern remake in 2007, and a pretty fair tribute at that. Pumping up the film the only way he knows how: more killing, violence and blood.

Every year, Halloween buffs incorporate this film into the 31 Days of Halloween. But for hardcore Horror fans around the world, everyday is Halloween, and we just simply can never have too much of Michael Myers.

In honor of this classic film and exciting Halloween collection at Fright-Rags, an ensemble of artists come together to exclusively design and capture the ever-evolving essence of the Horror phenomenon.

Justin Osbourn, Christopher Franchi, Chris Lovell, Ben Scrivens, and Chris Kuchta each take a stab at the boogeyman and his emotionless mask with five different shirt designs. Coki Greenway illustrates Bob the Ghost, Franchi parodies a beer label with Dr. Loomis, and The Rabbit in Red Lounge receives its own tee.

Also included in the collection are custom-knit crew socks, as well as Rob Zombie’s remake of the 1978 classic, with Ralf Krause and Christopher Franchi capturing the new take on Michael Myers on a pair of shirts.

As an added bonus, every order placed in October will include a special Fright-Rags Video membership card. Designed to take you back to the days of video store rentals, each card has a unique coupon code with a discount ranging from $10-$20.

For more information, visit the Fright-Rags Official site


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