Fright-Rags: Kicks Off Halloween Season

Fright-Rags: Honors TNT’s MonsterVision, Rob Zombie’s 31

Overview Rob Zombie. "31"Fright-Rags has just released their newest collection of merchandise in time for the Halloween season in conjunction with TNT’s MonsterVision, and introducing Rob Zombie’s 31.

Included in the new merchandise are t-shirts with collections from Rob Zombie, Ghostface, the Aliens movie, and The Evil Dead movie, amongst other Horror-inspired tees, as well as enamel pins.

One of the highlight tees is from Rob Zombie’s newly released gore Horror-Slasher, 31, with an exclusive Doom-Head tee. Doom-Head is one of the deranged murderous clowns that is featured on the film.

Another highlight is John Carpenter’s Halloween-inspired timed edition shirts, with original poster artwork from Jason Edmiston. This is a special limited-edition merchandise, and it ends Friday, September 23.

Midnight Madness continues on Saturday, September 24, with a special exclusive 24-hour edition Hocus Pocus tee. This is a one-time only print, and will not be reprinted.

Fright-Rags will also honor TNT’s MonsterVision for it’s late-night cable fest, bringing audiences and fans alike a range of horror and cult films. On Wednesday, September 28, Fright-Rags will release two t-shirts and an enamel, celebrating the program and it’s loyal host, Joe Bob Briggs.

• Rob Zombie Collection features a range of new shirts, including 31 (with an exclusive Doom-Head tee), Living Dead Girl, Dragula, Werewolf Women Of The SS, More Human Than Human, and Monster Head.

• Ghostface Collection features five new Scream-inspired tees, all embedded with different pictures of Ghostface, the villain of the Slasher franchise.

• Aliens Collection features five new Aliens-inspired tees, all embedded with different pictures of the Alien, the character title of the franchise.

• The Evil Dead Collection features 6 new Evil Dead-inspired tees, all embedded with pictures and scenes from the Zombie Horror-Slasher cult sensation.

•Alice Cooper Collection features five new Alice Cooper-inspired tees; Psycho Ward, Feed My Frankenstein, He’s Back, and Welcome To My Nightmare.

Other graphic tees of the new collection include The Lady In White, Starfighter, The Body, Miyagi Do Karate, Navigator’s Flight, Ex-Presidents, Deathgasm, Teenage Frankenstein, The Man Behind The Mask, Motely Krueger (A Nightmare On Elm Street), Boogeyman Buggy, Funeral 4-Wheeler, Cenobite Coup (Hellraiser), Killer Klowns (Killer Klowns From Outer Space), and Fright-Rags logo tees.

Also new in the Fright-Rags merchandise are Friday the 13th-inspired victim enamel pins.

To check out the whole Horror collection, visit the Fright-Rags official website. To keep up-to-date on all of the events, tune-in to:





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