Gatehouse, The. Supernatural Mystery For The Whole Family

Gatehouse, The. Film Details 

Director: Martin Gooch

Writer: Martin Gooch

Release Date: December 5th, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating: N/A

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Running Time: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy


Eternity (aged 10) lives in a haunted gatehouse at the edge of an ancient forest. She likes to dig for buried treasure in the woods, but one day she digs up something she shouldn’t and the forest want it back.


Scarlett Rayner steals the limelight with her portrayal as Eternity Winter, a bold sharp-minded adolescent girl. Rayner does wonderful work of bringing the character to life. One aspect audiences and I will find remarkable is how Rayner’s does not express the obnoxious youngster often encountered in horror films. Take for example Jennifer Kent‘s supernatural thriller as an over-exaggerated behavior. Rayner’s performance has in a down-to-earth persona both charming and memorable.

In connection with the cast members, Simeon Willis gives a satisfactory role as Jack Winter, a perturbed, remorse-riddled father. Compassion and restraint are qualities identified with this role. I feel however that this figure is a cliche embodiment of character developments. Although not authentic in concept design Willis provides a satisfying performance.

The Gatehouse is not a typical supernatural display. Instead, the approach offered treks more along the boundaries of mystery with fantasy principles. IMDb labels this as an Adventure, Drama, Fantasy and I don’t contend this categorization. The Gatehouse gives each of these genres attention without lingering to any category for long. The plot has a grasp of familiarity. A reference to the lady in the lake, inexplicable happenings surrounding a modest community it all feels cut and paste. Gooch pens a delightful story despite the of the typical subjects.

Does The Gatehouse have redefining aspects? Not quite. One of the shining contributions of The Gatehouse is how Gooch takes horror, the supernatural in particular and establishes a family-oriented amusement. While the scare factor feels restrained and close to nonexistent audiences will appreciate an extravagant rendition of a nature-inspired creature. Amazing practical effects are showcased on the creature concept. The con, however, is the creature’s limited screen time. While the creature appears intimidating and impactful, it is not too dominant for younger viewers. Special effects are a minus but these visuals are kept to a minimum.

In Conclusion

Gooch makes an outstanding family-oriented film with The GateHouse. The underlying commentary on compassion and love hooks interest. I didn’t care for the developments leading up to a happy in ACT III. Rayner and Willis have an entertaining father/daughter chemistry. Yet, it is Rayner that steal the show with her performance.
The Gatehouse is a recommended film for audiences that don’t favor extreme horror visuals. This is a production that caters to a wide spectrum of age demographics. Both youngsters and adults will discover this feature to be most entertaining.


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