GhostFace T-Shirt Commemorates Wes Craven’s Scream 20th anniversary

GhostFace, is the antagonist made popular from the Scream slasher film franchise. Scream released in 1996 with Wes Craven directing based on Kevin Williamson’s screenplay.  The film would spawn four films thereafter. In 2015, MTV adapted the Scream film franchise as a reimagined television series. Scream serves as a satire on the Horror genre. The plot of the film borrows key elements from slasher films and exploits its flaws and cliches.

The Synopsis of Scream reads as follows:

Sidney, attempting to cope with her mother’s mysterious murder, and her horror movie-obsessed friends are stalked by an unknown killer who seems to have a hard time letting the past go.

Renowned horror shirt company, Fright-Rags is commemorating the 20th anniversary to the film Scream with a line of collectible apparel. T-shirts emblazoned with the iconic killer GhostFace is now available for sale on Fright-Rags. The following styles are featured:
  • Justin Osbourn’s glow-in-the-dark design is available as; unisex shirts, girls shirts, and baseball tees.
  • Coki Greenway’s take on the iconic visage comes on unisex shirts, girls shirts, and tank tops.
  • Abrar Ajmal and Kyle Crawford have designs that will make you scream on unisex and girls shirts.
Quantities are limited. According to the press release:

so never, ever, ever, under any circumstances, say, “I’ll be right back.”

The GhostFace branded tees is offered in a partnership between Fright Rags and Fun World. Fright-Rags’ next release will be a

In related news, Fright-Rags’ next release will be a Midnight Madness tee, an exclusive shirt available for only 24 hours. The hunt begins this Saturday, July 30. This cryptic alert may be targeting the Predator film franchise. Should this be the case, enthusiasts would want to keep an eye out on the Fright Rags official website.

Check out the gallery for design options.

SOURCEPress Release
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