GTA Adversary Mode seems Familiar

GTA Adversary mode, “Every Bullet counts” is the new online game play mode unveiled by Rockstar Games earlier this week. Now you must be wondering; “why on earth is DecayMag, a horror magazine featuring an article on a non-horror medium?” The answer lies with GTA Adversary mode mirroring the stealth-based survival horror video game; “Manhunt”. The 2003 release was controversial for its graphic violence and imagery.  The relation doesn’t stop at merely the game play (more or less) but both “Manhunt” and “GTA” are  published by Rockstar Games.

Survival horror

There’s nothing more frightening that being hunted. Having limited resources to defend yourself with makes the experience even more terrifying. This was the case with “Manhunt”. In the game you’re faced with utilizing whatever object you may come across as a weapon. You  must use you environment to your advantage. Utilize shadows to stalk or hide, make sounds to distract or to evade. Make the wrong choice and its game over!

The same concept applies to “GTA Every Bullet Counts”.  The new online game-play features four players engaged in a “Manhunt”. There are no teams, this is an every man for himself scenario. The backdrop options are the choices of interior/exteriors to a home and/or bank. The player is armed with a melee weapon and a gun. Unfortunately, the firearm carries only two bullets with the option of obtaining more by killing off the competition. GTA Every Bullet Counts
Still From “GTA Every Bullet Counts” "Manhunt"
Still from 2003 “Manhunt”

Will Rockstar Revive Manhunt?

Given the striking similarities between “Manhunt” and “GTA Every Bullet Counts” it raises the question; “Will Rockstar Games revive Manhunt?” With the advancement in video game development and the availability of multiplayer platforms a revival of “Manhunt” would surpass the original in every aspect. Did Rockstar hint on  the possibility of a developing “Manhunt?” with the release of “GTA Every Bullet Counts?” One thing is for sure, fans are clamoring for a truly terrifying survival horror game and quite frankly “Manhunt” will trulyfit that void perfectly.




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