Here’s a bit of news for Anime fans.

A new vision in horror will air on Japanese television beginning the 3rd of October 2015. The subtext delves in our culture’s dependence on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and countless other social media apps and devices. Imagine for a moment, on the notion of a voyeuristic malicious entity haunting us  in the digital age, utilizing mobile devices as gateways into our lives.

That’s the overall plot for “Kowabon” a 13 episode anime series directed by Kazuma Taketani and written by Hiromu Kumamoto. Each episode is 5 minutes in length and is set to air on KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation). Basically, “Kowabon” is an anthology that offers tales of ghostly phenomena in the Internet age. The horror themes in the anime “Kowabon”somehow seems very familiar. The idea for “Kowabon” seems to blend concepts from popular Asian horror movies; “The Grudge” and “Pulse”. 

What’s unique about the upcoming anime; “Kowabon” is the implementation of a unique video filtering technique called Rotoscoping . Basically raw live-action footage is processed frame by frame to give the original source a distinct animation aesthetic. Take a look at the“Kowabon” trailer provided below.

Source: Crunchyroll


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