Insane Decay of Mind, a first-person Horror Arrives on Steam

Insane Decay of Mind, Press Release
Escape the “Shadows” of Insane Decay of Mind a unique VR first-person horror game.

Merge Games and IV Productions are proud to announce the release of Insane Decay of Mind, a first-person VR horror game. for Vive and Oculus, available from Friday, May 6, 2016, on Steam priced $2.99.

Insane Decay of Mind is a first-person horror game in which players assume the role of Katherine, a young girl lost in the eerie hallways of a building she believes to be her school. As Katherine begins to realize that this labyrinth that she has found herself in, is slowly warping her mind – She must make good her escape in order to regain her freedom.

But freedom comes at tremendous cost… Leaving the labyrinth is not as easy as it seems as Katherine is not alone, there are entities in the labyrinth that wish to keep her from escaping. During her dreadful experience, Katherine will meet beings called “Shadows”, manifestations of her worst nightmares. Katherine will have to subdue them as she continues wandering the darkness that envelopes her and, perhaps, she will win her freedom.

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About Merge Games
Merge Games is an independent video game publisher and distributor based in Manchester, UK. The company publishes and distributes interactive software worldwide for personal computers, video games consoles and mobile devices. Merge Games also specializes in publishing collectable games for retail and worldwide digital distribution for independent developers.

About IV Productions
Ivan Venturi, who has over twenty-five years of experience in designing and producing video games, founded IV Productions in 2012. Ivan co-founded the first Italian video-game company in 1988. Ivan is also the founder and organizer of the Italian Independent Developer’s main event, Svilupparty – now the Italian independent developer’s association. IV Productions has worked in partnership with Merge Games since 2013 and strives to connect Italian indie game developers to worldwide markets.



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