Mayhem Is Next Entry To Prospering Sub-Genre

Mayhem is the next in a short line of films that focus on a quarantine/infection concept. We’ve seen it before, the story centers on a group of people trapped at a location. They must find ways to ensure survival against hoards of infected. At times the enemy are not cannibalistic cadavers.  There are instances of the deranged, demonic  and/or  violent .

There is not a wide selection of films that delve into this particular sub-genre. This is a good thing for Horror enthusiasts.  The reason is simple. A platform is now open to offer different expressions based on a sole idea. In fact, previous releases based on the quarantine/infection concepts do so with creativity. The quarantine/infection storytelling is captivating and terrifying.  Therein lie a sense of urgency and the claustrophobic elements enhances the cat-and-mouse suspense.

Joe Lynch will serve as director to “Mayhem” Penning the script is Matias Caruso.

The Synopsis to “Mayhem”:

“..tells of a virus capable of making people act out their wildest impulses that infects a corporate law office on the very day attorney Derek Saunders is framed by a co-worker and wrongfully fired. Trapped in the quarantined building, our hero is forced to fight tooth and nail for not only his job, but also his life.” Joe Lynch Directs "Mayhem"

News surrounding this soon to establish production centers on the cast members. Steven Yeun of AMC’S “The Walking Dead” will portray protagonist, Derek Saunders. Perhaps Yeun’s selection is  based on his zombie fighting skills. Let’s not forget he has a penchant for having nine lives. Continuing on a serious note, actress Samara Weaving also joins the production. Weaving will portray a yet to be determined role. Production for “Mayhem” begins May 2016. Filming will center in and around Belgrade, Serbia.

The selling point is in the story. Well developed, this film may serve as a exemplary example for the quarantine/infection concept. Many find excitment with Yeun’s feature role. It will be refreshing to see Yeun outside of  his role as  Glenn Rhee from “The Walking Dead” series. Yet, Matias Caruso’s creative vision also merits excitement.  Coupled with Joe Lynch’s direction “Mayhem” will be a film to look out for.

Joe Lynch Stated the following on his upcoming Horror, Thriller “Mayhem”.

“It’s not every day you get to throw action, sci-fi, horror, drama and even satire in the genre blender and hit puree, but Matias’ script, combined with a gung-ho cast and crew — especially Steven and Samara — will make for a deliciously dangerous and exciting cinematic smoothie … with a hell of a kick.”


The Hollywood Reporter


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