Orthogonal Games Offers Murderous Environment

Orthogonal Games is a San Francisco, California based indie game development company. Last week the company launched the announcement trailer to their upcoming game “Near Death”. The game propels the player into the frozen landscape of Antarctica. “Near Death” is a product of intensive research and development. Real life accounts from Antarctic explorers serves as the foundation to the game.

Is “Near Death” A Survival Horror Title?

According to the company’s website “Near Death” took its roots within Survival Horror genre. Yet, as the development to the game progressed abandoned was its Survival Horror component . Instead of humans versus the unknown (ex: Aliens, Monsters and Zombies) “Near Death” offers a more frightening experience. Human versus nature is the central theme in this upcoming title from Orthogonal Games.

Extreme weather conditions is a theme seldom used in Horror cinema. These films touch on the reality and horror of earthbound and natural entities. “Near Death” promises to provide:

“…an immersive experience of fighting to live in a world that does nothing but try to kill you….”

Technically, “Near Death” is in itself a Survival Horror game.

“Near Death” Experience

The following is a description to “Near Death” from Orthogonal Games

During an emergency winter flight your plane crashes near an abandoned Antarctic research facility in the midst of a deadly blizzard. Cut off from civilization and with no hope of rescue, you must explore Sutro Station and scavenge for the means of escape while enduring blinding whiteouts and temperatures 100 degrees below zero. Never more than a few minutes from freezing to death in the darkness of polar night, you must reclaim the station from the elements and fight for your life in a terrifying environment that’s more like another planet than the world you know. And you’ll discover why a research station in the coldest place on Earth stands empty, yet somehow alive.

Isolation coupled with Antarctica’s harsh weather conditions offer a terrifying gaming experience.  With Zombies, Aliens and Monsters there’s always the option to flee and hide. “Near Death” offers a constant danger. There is not escape from the brutality of Nature’s cold heart. The trailer below offers a glimpse to the game play experience. “Near Death” pushes the envelope of immersive open world exploration. A real-time weather simulator engages the player. This unpredictable system allows the player to adapt to the changing environment. In game missions and tasks all rely on one purpose, survival.

“Near Death” is set to release sometime in 2016 via Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

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