Sad Square Studio’s “Visage” Project Details:

Sad Square Studio intend on resurrecting the Survival Horror gaming concept with “Visage”. were one of the first sources to cover this upcoming psychological Horror game.  An analysis to Sad Square Studio’s”Visage” began in my initial report published last week.The project is currently in development. Upon completion, the game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam. The latter two will depend on funds raised through the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Launched earlier this week, the campaign seek to draw $35,000 for a PC only version release. V.R. support is also on the planning stages for “Visage”. Sad Studio Visage
“Visage” Crowdfunding Breakdown

The development team are offering nice incentives for contributors supporting the protect. The starting point to receive any of the awards begin at the $15 which includes a Version of the game via Steam.

Offered for the generous donors is a featured role in the game via the “you become the ghost” package. While all these merits are nice the ultimate reward is supporting a video game rich in creativity. Monies received will go various stages to the game’s development.

“Visage” will provide a experience much sought after by horror gaming enthusiast. Surreal visuals featured in the Alpha game-play trailer released in October 2015 captivated audiences. Entwined with the visuals is the tension building soundscapes. That experience resonates as a supernatural Horror film you can’t escape from. The developers at Sad Square Studio are hard a work to unveil an artistic and compelling medium. received an exclusive video from Sad Square Studio. The video offered is only for a limited time display. It features actual game play on the video Game “Visage”.  Access to the extended game give you the viewer, the potential backer an in depth look on the game “Visage”. Sad Square Studio hopes to bring a terrifying experience to the gaming community. Also, a revised description of “Visage” issued via the new released press kit arrived in our inbox. Below is excerpt from the Press Release we received.

In Visage, you have no weapons, no defenses, no sanity tutorials. You’ll be hunted. You’ll be attacked. You’ll probably die. All you can do is search everything, interact with your environment, and try to find clues and items that might help you escape — all while trying to maintain as much of your sanity as possible, because if the house doesn’t claim you, the madness will.

The main character in Visage finds he’s trapped in a house, and you, the player, will need to find a way out. Of course, this house is no ordinary one. It carries a history, a past filled with families that were murdered in horrific ways — deaths that have left behind traces of themselves, presences that now follow your every move. As you try to find your way out, exploring every room, walking the never-ending corridors, you’ll find you’re being affected by the things that are stalking you: You’ll slowly start to lose your mind.

Stay tuned to for more information on “Visage” as it becomes available.

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