Stunt Woman’s Injury from Resident Evil Accident Dire

Stunt Accident Backstory:

Stunt woman, Olivia Jackson sustained terrible injuries performing as a stunt double for Milla Jovovich during filming for “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”. The accident occurred back on Saturday the 5th of September 2015 on set in Cape Town, South Africa. During filming, Olivia Jackson collided against a malfunctioned metal camera arm while on a speeding motorbike.

The Sun was a news source that first broke the heartbreaking story. According to their article an as of yet unidentified source stated:

“…It wasn’t a very dangerous stunt. She was riding a motorbike in a straight line but due to the scene she had no protective gear or helmet.

…There is a metal arm which carries the camera along. But it malfunctioned and didn’t lift up. It was totally out of her control. She had no chance. She is a lovely lady, the most generous person you could ever meet.”

David Grant, Olivia Jackson’s husband and stuntman as well as Milla Jovovich herself offered news of the tragic event via their respected Facebook accounts.

Olivia Jackson’s injuries were life-threatening, she suffered a punctured lung, head injuries and was placed in an induced coma from which she awoke two weeks later. In October 2015,  a screen capture of Olivia Jackson’s Facebook post on appeared on by someone claiming to be her friend. Friend or not the image clearly displays Olivia Jackson reaching out to family, friends and fans with an update to her condition. Jackson’s Facebook post is provided below:

Stunt Woman Olivia Jackson

Stunt Accident Update:

Stunt Woman Olivia JacksonNews has surfaced that Olivia Jackson’s injuries are taking a turn for the worse. Online news source; The Sun revealed that Olivia Jackson’s left arm would have to be amputated as a result of extensive damage she sustained. The tragic turn of events is heartbreaking.

Olivia Jackson stated;

“…My left arm is paralysed (sic) and is going to have to be amputated.

…My facial scarring is horrible and I wish I had my old face. But I’m truly grateful to be alive.”

This tragic circumstance is a testament of all the hard and dangerous work offered by stunt professionals. Many of these faceless doppelgangers risk their very lives for our acclaim and entertainment. Whether its an Action, Sci-fi, or Horror film we as a viewer need to take a moment to really appreciate who the stars of these films truly are.



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