Top 10 Horror Trailers Of The Week

Top 10 Horror Trailers In Alphabetical Order 


Think the horror industry is doomed? I present to you ten movie trailers that just might make you change your mind.

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Top 10 Horror Trailers No. 1

4 MILFS VS. Zombies

4 MILFS vs. Zombies: Brad Twigg’s Comedy-Horror

Title: 4 MILFS vs. ZOMBIES

Director: Brad Twigg

Writer: Leslie Monk, Juan Sanchez

Release Date: July 24, 2015

MPAA Rating: Not yet Rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Comedy, Horror


A group of moms celebrating ladies night are forced to fight for their lives when their quiet town is overrun by a ravenous horde of flesh eating corpses.


“When there’s nowhere to run or nowhere to hide…it’s time to fight!”

Zombies have made quite a reputation for themselves. Kicking butt and taking names everywhere they go. Well, now the dead have met their match in “4 MILFS vs. ZOMBIES”. “They’re savage. They’re relentless. And they’re hungry.” But these four hot moms will show these rotting corpses that they are more than good looks. And, by the looks of the trailer, these babes mean business. How would you like your ass whooping handed to you? The “4 MILFS vs. ZOMBIES” trailer certainly looks like a good time. Zombies, babes, blood, and guts. What more could you want?

“4 MILFS vs. ZOMBIES” stars Lloyd Kaufman, Shawn C. Phillips, and James Balsamo. 4 MILFS VS. Zombies


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