Top 10 Horror Trailers No. 3.



VIRUS: Extreme Contamination: From the Mind of H.P. Lovecraft

Title: VIRUS: Extreme Contamination

Director: Domiziano Delvaux Christopharo

Writer: Domaziano Christopharo, Antonio Tentori

Release Date: March 3, 2016

MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Horror


An italian scientist moves to Kosovo to study the impact of a meteorite that is the cause of some strange events. Once there, he discovers that the object has been moved in a near military base where all the people were turned into dangerous weird creatures.


From the mind of H.P. Lovecraft, and inspired by “The Color Out of Space”, director Domiziano Christopharo and Filmon Aggujaro, Filma Productions, and SB Kosova Productions, comes a chilling film. “The Color Out of Space” is a short story written by Lovecraft. A narrator pieces together the story of an area known by the locals as the “blasted heath” in the wild hills west of Arkham, Massachusetts, the site of a meteor crashing that poisoned every living being nearby, including people, animals, and vegetation. The trailer for “VIRUS: Extreme Contamination” is very chilling. Something is poisoning people, turning them into freaky-looking creatures and turning them mad and murderous, and killing them. You can see how this deadly disease transforms its prey. Kind of like a host to it’s source. “VIRUS: Extreme Contamination” reminds me of “Cabin Fever”, where  a group of friends travel to the woods for a getaway, but their trips turns deadly when an unknown parasite contaminates the water, which eventually spreads to them, eating away at their flesh. “VIRUS: Extreme Contamination” looks to be a very terrifying film. Kind of like “The Bay”, where residents of the town of Claridge, Maryland become gravely ill from the waters that have been infected. It’s terrifying because of the unknown. The unknown presents certain kind of fear within itself. What is this deadly host that’s killing people? More importantly, how did this host come about?

“VIRUS: Extreme Contamination” stars Paola Barale, Rimi Beqiri, Halil Budakova, and Cun Lajci. DOMIZIANO CHRISTOPHARO’S VIRUS: EXTREME CONTAMINATION


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