Top 10 Horror Trailers No. 9.


The Snarling: Pablo Raybould’s Comedy-Horror

Heading 2: The Snarling: Pablo Raybould’s Zombie Film

Title: The Snarling

Director: Pablo Raybould

Writer: Pablo Raybould

Release Date: TBA, 2016 (UK)

Release Format: Streaming

MPAA Rating: Not yet rated

Horror Sub-Genre: Comedy, Horror


When a cursed new horror film is being made in their village, locals Les, Mike & Bob see their chance to cash in and get famous. As the local Detective Inspector and his hapless sergeant Haskins eventually trace a link in recent bloody mutilations to the film, the race is on to stop the killings before our local heroes get caught up in the real blood and guts.


Writer and director Pablo Raybould and 2@ Comedy and JIIINKX Productions brings us a new zombie film that looks to take a different path than the zombie films we are used to. The trailer, running 2 minutes and 10 seconds, presents us with clips of strange things happening in a small village, as how most of these storylines go. You notice the “silent”, bland humor in different clips. The humor is so bland, you’d have to really pay attention to catch it.

“The Snarling” seems to take the approach of the “movie within the movie”. We have seen this before, but not so frequent that it’s getting played out. If I had to compare it to such a film, I would compare it to “Shaun of the Dead”, another zombie film, from director Edgar Wright. The filming technique used, and the method of comedy used reminds me a lot of this film. And this works very well for “The Snarling”. I’m so used to the same storyline in zombie films. There has finally been a breath of fresh air in the zombie arena. First, with “Shaun of the Dead”, then with “Scout’s Guide to the Zombie  Apocalypse”, and now, with “The Snarling”.  I’d say this is the beginning of the revival of an almost tired zombie franchise.

“The Snarling” will star Laurence Sanders, Chris Simmons, Ben Manning, and Pablo Raybould. There is not yet an official release date. The film is set to release in the UK in 2016.



Official Website Pablo Raybould The Snarling


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