Venture Bodycam Can Aid Found Footage Film Makers

Venture crowdfunding Details

DecayMag Wolfcom Venture

Medium: Gadget

Crowdfunding Platform: Indiegogo

Project Overview:

Venture is the latest gadget that not only serves the general consumer but also filmmakers and field correspondents alike. This new product from Wolfcom has all the features to record a film or live stream an event. Wolfcom is no stranger to the portable video recording marketplace. The company provides law enforcement sector with bodycams.

It may seem strange to feature a gadget crowdfunding spotlight on a Horror themed news outlet. Yet, the uses are beneficial for the aspiring filmmaker. Found Footage films offer a first person perspective and so do the new branches thereof as seen in Hardcore Henry.

There’s also the use for bloggers, and reporters covering the latest live event. Imagine streaming the action hands-free!

Below, I summarize Venture and its recording capabilities;


• 120-degree Wide Angle lens with no fisheye effect

• Sharing capabilities

• Mobile app, which also acts as a wireless remote control

• Made of aircraft-grade aluminum

• Lightweight at 2.2 ounces

DecayMag Wolfcom Venture

When one of the secondary POV cameras is connected to the Venture, the unit’s proprietary Critical Reconnect Technology™ prevents any missed footage if the 2nd camera’s connection to the Venture is lost – recording will continue, never missing a beat.

• Rotatable camera head and a multifunctional clip on design

• Body camera

• Mountable car cam

• Flashlight camera with four bright LEDs

• Livestream camera.

The last feature listed is most intriguing for field reporters. Although many have an HD camera already installed on personal mobile phones Venture would offer a hands off approach to recording scenes. With this in mind, the user can focus on interviewing rather than holding up a camera and a notebook. The concern here would be the battery life. Wolfcom took notice and are marketing 2.5 hours of battery life or 23 hours with optional battery pack.

For the live stream capabilities, a Wifi connection is required to record or take photographs via mobile phone tether. Live video is then streamed using the phone’s 4G/LTE connection

“With Facebook and YouTube Live becoming very popular across all generations, we designed Venture to be the world’s first wearable Live Stream camera designed for everyone…”

“With Venture, anyone can be a star. It’s like having your very own broadcasting studio wherever you go. Just clip the camera where you want, then capture and stream from your point of view – it’s that easy.”

Peter Austin Onruang, founder, and president, Wolfcom


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