Video Games, Robust Horror Titles for 2016

Video Gamers rejoice! Looking to engage with psychological frights,  combat flesh hungry zombies and/or hellish abominations? 2016 appears to be a promising year for survival horror, psychological horror and action, Horror titles. Below is a list of thirty-one (31) upcoming horror game titles slated for release throughout the 2016 calendar year . The games listed are based on gaming consoles and PC, Mac, Lunix platforms.  Please note: the listing are offered randomly and are not positioned to a specific numerical preference.

Many in the gaming community especially those covering the medium have repeatedly said that survival horror games is a dying genre. However, that’s not the case as we can clearly see from the list below. Survival horror video games are dominantly present and a growing genre in the video game atmosphere. Many indie developers are redefining the genre with their unique game play and original story line.

On the topic of indie developers, we’ll begin the 31 Upcoming Horror Titles for 2016 list with the most talked about horror title over the past year, Allison Road.

1. Allison Road  (PS4, Xbox One, PC)


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