Zombies Take Over Entertainment, Media -Infographic

Zombies, what is it about these carnivorous corpses that appeal to the masses? Whether it is a comedic backdrop or a solemn drama, these undead creatures transcended genres. Zombies have had a substantial impact on Horror cinema since the black and white era. In fact, roaming throngs of undead cannibals were not the initial concept. Zombies were first portrayed as devices of voodoo rites.

Yet, it is a wide consensus that George Romero established the zombie approach to what is found in today’s circulation.

Over the years, zombies have infiltrated every facet of entertainment. This is descriptive, not literal. From, television to graphic novels and film it is not uncommon to encounter the latest incorporation to this Horror theme. For many, including this author, it is a fitting treat to come across the latest zombie-themed medium.

DecayMag received an excellent infographic this morning. The illustration provided by Steph over at Chamber of Horrors details zombies in media. See below for the accompanying presentation treatment. Thank you, Steph for sharing this infographic with DecayMag.


Zombies are some of the most recognizable character types in many horror media – from films, TV shows, comics, and even games. Easily recognizable by their gaunt, rotting bodies, low, grunt-like vocals, and unnatural walk, these undead, brain-seeking creatures have been a staple since their conception into mainstream media and are continually reimagined for various purposes.

It’s safe to say that they have undergone quite a history since their debut in the horror genre. From their beginnings of being reanimated through voodoo to being the unfortunate result of scientific experiments gone wrong, zombies continually evolve and develop in a literary sense.

Here’s a summary of how zombies in media have evolved, as delivered by this infographic by Chamber of Horrors NY

DecayMag.com Chamber of Horrors Zombie Infographic


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