2Dark to Offer Survival Horror Nostalgia

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Bigben Interactive

Developer: Gloomywood

Genre: Action, Horror

ESRB: Mature

Release Date: TBD

Platform: Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Game Description:

2Dark is the creative vision of four game industry veterans. Frederick Raynal, Yael Barroz, Thierry Platon and Sophie-Anne Bled each offer rich experience in the field.  The group assembled Gloomywood an indie game development studio based in Lyon, France. 2Dark will mark the first video game release for the game development studio.

2Dark  is a stealth adventure game that will feature ten levels of intense gameplay. The title pays homage to Survival Horror of yesteryear. This upcoming debut would encompass stylized visuals. 2Dark  will consist of pixels and voxels rendered with modern 3-D applications. Intricate sprite animations will mirror a nostalgic era.

In November 2014, Gloomywood reached their crowdfunding goal for 2Dark  with success. More than one thousand supporters offered their support on the project. What makes the game special is not the team behind the concept but the medium itself. 2Dark  will offer a unique plan of infiltration, action adventure, and team management. The stealth element for 2Dark  lies by avoiding “sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killers”. The game also offers mystery with its hints of puzzle solving objectives.

The Developers at Gloomywood used the company name as a backdrop to 2Dark . The story takes place in a “sinister and macabre town” called Gloomywood. Serving as the protagonist is the character; Mr. Smith.  Smith is a former detective thrust into solving missing children cases. The youngsters were kidnapped and are hidden throughout the town.

The Synopsis to 2Dark reads as follows:

In 2Dark, you guide former detective Mr. Smith in his quest to find and free his kidnapped children in the sinister and macabre town of Gloomywood. During your rescue, you must avoid sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killers, and you will be called on to confront unnameable horrors lurking in the shadows. Discover the terrifying secrets that linger in this accursed town…

Excerpt 2dark.cc

2Dark  will release sometime in 2016. The game will be available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms.  A price for Gloomywood’s Horror debut game wasn’t revealed. The developers of 2Dark  issued the following statement on the game schematics. They stated that 2Dark:

“… will be fully optimized for each release platform… For the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 this means tailored control support so players can fully immerse themselves in the adventure.”

Stay tuned for further information on Gloomywood’s 2Dark  within the months to come. For more information visit the following social network platforms:

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