Aftercharge, Future Set Battle To Begin 2018

Aftercharge Game Details 

Developer: Chainsawesome Games

Publisher: Chainsawesome Games

Genre: First Person Shooter


Release Date: 2018

Platform: Steam for Windows, Xbox One

Game Description:

Aftercharge pits invisible robots against a squad of specialized security enforcers in competitive 3v3 quick-paced skirmishes. The robots must sabotage the energy extractors scattered on the map while the enforcers are tasked to spot them and stop them.


The science fiction aspect for Aftercharge centers on the narrative. The game takes its name from the in-game company. Aftercharge Corporation is under siege by disgruntled robotic workers. Better health benefits seem to be the cause of the uprising. Yet, we’re not talking Obama Care here. The planet Dusk 11 is unstable. This predicament is a result of the Aftercharge Corporation resource exploitation operation.

Aftercharge puts teams of players against each other in new and exciting combat. The player assumes a role on one of two teams, The Enforcers or The Workonics. Both teams offer distinct abilities. If used with full capabilities traits can lead to victory. To sum Aftercharge places invisibility versus invincibility. Interesting concept. Chainsawesome Games Aftercharge

Below is the breakdown according to the press release unveiled today;

• Enforcers are class-based and rely on an arsenal of weapons and abilities. They are invincible as no attack or abilities from the robots can harm them. Their weaponry uses energy rapidly and requires proximity with an extractor to recharge.

• Workonics have the handy ability to boost each other back to life at any time provided they get close enough. This team must coordinate their attacks, create distractions, and combine their abilities to succeed.

Aftercharge arrives at PC and consoles in 2018.

“While Aftercharge is a shooter at first-glance, the core gameplay mechanic of invisible attackers against armed defenders was invented in a totally different space. It has enough in common with shooters so that fans of the genre will feel comfortable.

With Aftercharge we wanted to play with the rules and bring new mechanics to create a quick-paced competitive experience that’s fresh, highly strategical, and yet approachable”

Laurent Mercure from Chainsawesome Games


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