Antagonist Combines Anime With Choose you Own Developer: NIVLACART Publisher: Degica Antagonist

Antagonist Game Details 

Developer: NIVLACART

Publisher: Degica

Genre: RPG


Release Date: March 17th, 2017

Platform: Steam

Game Description:

Play as D’Vil, the Dark Lord… and rising star at Evil Productions. Team up with Hero of Light, Ralph, and unleash devastating combos on your foes. Will you work together to uncover the conspiracy behind the video game cutscene industry or clash like true hero and villain?



Antagonist is the latest contribution to RPG, turn-based strategy games. This has to be one of the most popular categories in the market. These games allow players to take control of their destiny using combat and story as the drive. The graphics to these type of games have limitations. Sometimes there are voice narrations, this depending on the game production. The text-based narration is the usual format coupled with limited animation. Most of the motion graphics occur during battles or key scenes.

Antagonist delivers Fantasy and supernatural concepts. This is a common theme with games of Asian based origin. Below is a list of key features for Antagonist;

• A unique blend of Visual Novel and RPG elements
• Team up with Hero of Light Ralph or Cat Burglar Teeth in intense encounters against familiar foes
• Time attacks with your partner to unleash devastating combos
• Uncover the grim reality behind the video game cutscene industry
• Make choices that affect your relationship with Ralph
• Multiple endings Developer: NIVLACART Publisher: Degica Antagonist

First Impressions

The Trailer to Antagonist speaks for itself. The in-game footage provides the everything needed to base an educated buying decision. The visuals and gameplay will not surprise enthusiasts of the RPG genre. In the trailer, texts flow on the screen providing enough information for game progression.

In Antagonist, players assume the role of the villain and must team up with the hero. The quest is uncertain. Judging from the in-game footage many characters will test this unorthodox alliance.

For those unfamiliar with RPG story-driven narratives, Antagonists may seem intimidating. Yet, nothing can be further from the truth. Create strengths and attributes based on available items. Access different storylines based on response choice. With adequate traits, progression in the game should not pose critical challenges.

Antagonist does not stand as a revolutionizing game. There are a great many titles on the market with similar offerings. Yet, Antagonist does flip the script so the speak by allowing the villain to take the spotlight. This, coupled with the Anime aesthetic make this a gem of a game.

Since the launch on Steam Antagonist has amassed praise among the gaming community. There is a special promotion that will end soon be sure to stop by Steam for more information.


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