Araya, First Person Horror From Thailand

Araya got greenlit last week on Steam Community. The upcoming game is a product from Thailand based company, MAD Virtual Reality Studio. “Araya” is an indie survival horror title with supernatural elements. MAD Virtual Reality Studio created this game for VR (Virtual Reality) headsets. Yet, this first-person game is also available for non-VR devices as well.

Presented in the video teaser trailer is a dark claustrophobic environment. The setting to “Araya” unfolds within an abandoned Hospital. The entity and central character to the game is the restless spirit of a young woman. Araya was murdered and the events surrounding her death are a mystery. It is up to the player to solve the puzzle behind her death and putting her soul to rest.

The premise to the game transverse on the usual hide, seek and avoid game play. Here’s a small breakdown:

  • Hide from the threats that lurk through out the area.  In this case the area is the abandoned hospital and the threat are sinister apparitions.
  • The player must seek out clues and other sources of information. These pieces will combine into solving the young woman’s murder.
  • Avoid getting cornered killed, and captured. Whatever evil forces are lingering within the hospital do not seem friendly.

Further information on this game is scarce. The profile page to “Araya” on Steam and the game’s website mirror with similar information. The player will assume the role of three (3) different characters. “Araya” will be released on PC in the second quarter of 2016. The game will be available in English and Thai. Future updates with different languages will depend on feedback from The Stream community.

Below are screenshots to the environment within the game.

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