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Tokyo-based game creator Ichijou Takaaki replicates the look and feel of a retro-styled horror game with “Back in 1995”. Fans of vintage horror games will be amazed by the magnificently rendered aesthetics used in “Back in 1995”.  While most modern recreations utilize pixel art-like graphics to simulate the look and feel of a vintage game. “Back in 1995” game creator Ichijou Takaaki opted to use a different approach, in doing so he created a true to form adaptation. Stuttering frame rate, low polygon style and difficult camera schemes are some of the nostalgic features present in the game, “Back in 1995”. Ichijou Takaaki states via his website that he grew up playing the original PlayStation and the Sega Saturn, so he wanted to honor those systems with his game.

“Back in 1995” was originally showcased at the 2015 Tokyo Indie Fest and was slated for release on Playstation mobile earlier this year. Recently, Ichijou Takaaki’s indie game studio “Throw the warped code” joined with video game publisher; “Degica” and will release “Back in 1995” via Steam sometime in the near future.

“Back in 1995” official Press Release:

Sept 16, 2015 – Japanese indie game studio Throw the warped code out is happy to announce its collaboration with Degica to release Back in 1995 on Steam.

Back in 1995 is a Japanese indie game, reviving the 3D gameplay of early polygon games, along with all their trappings: low-res graphics, low poly models, texture warping, and challenging gameplay. A mystery game with horror elements, Back in 1995 faithfully emulates games of the mid-90’s, which relied more on player imagination than present-day games. Since revealing its retro 3D graphics in April, Back in 1995 has garnered a lot of attention both in Japan and overseas.

Throw the warped code out has partnered with Degica because of their previous successes bringing Japanese titles to the overseas market, as well as their dedication to indie game studios. Throw the warped code out has high hopes that Back in 1995 will help popularize the aesthetic and game feel of early polygon games, and inspire other indie game devs to create what they’re passionate about; especially in Japan.



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