Battlestar Galactica Squadrons Now on Android, iOS


Battlestar Galactica Enthrall Fans In Role Playing Game.

Battlestar Galactica returns courtesy of Canadian video game developer Ludia. Now available across iOS, Android, and Amazon devices is a new entry in the science fiction franchise. Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons is an Action oriented role-playing game that allows players to combat Cylon, the antagonizing force. Battlestar Galactica Squadrons

Battlestar Galactica had a successful run on the SyFy channel. Beginning in 2004, four seasons would soon follow before ending in 2009. The saga predates the broadcast on the Syfy channel. Many incarnations of the franchise were broadcast including a twenty-one episodic series in 1978.


The Cylons have returned to the Twelve Colonies after a forty-year absence. Bent on revenge, they unleash nuclear weapons powerful enough to destroy human civilization…and nearly succeed.

As Commander of Galactica, you must lead the civilian fleet through uncharted space in search of a new home, while defending it from relentless Cylon attacks.

As you protect Galactica from wave after wave of Cylon attacks, you’ll have to fight for survival long enough to reach planet Earth, humanity’s new home.

Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons allows players to battle hordes of Cylons. To best the opposing forces a selection of combat ships is provided. Each Colonial fighter mirrors from actual ships seen in the series. The game allows for customization of vessels. Upgrades are obtained with scavenged technology.

There are options to proceed in the game and they are as follows;

  • ESCAPE an overwhelming Cylon onslaught by executing a faster-than-light JUMP!
  • DEFEND the civilian population that depends on you for protection.
  • SURVIVE long enough to continue the search for planet Earth, humanity’s new home.


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