Capcom commemorates Dead Rising 10th Anniversary with Digital Downloads

Capcom will issue Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record on the 13th of September 2016 as a digital download. The releases will commemorate the  10th Anniversary of the zombie apocalyptic video game series. Horror gaming enthusiasts will be reintroduced to a revamped versions of each game.

Each title is remastered to meet current generation specifications. The Dead Rising collection will include all of the released DLC costumes. Enjoy the graphic in rich 1080p at 60 fps!

The original Dead Rising will also be available on Steam as a digital download. Capcom Dead Rising 10th Anniversary

Each title will be sold as individual downloads on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Capcom is also offering a complete package deal. Individual Dead Rising games are available for $19.99 and the “Triple Pack” has a price tag of $49.99. Pre-orders are now being accepted. Capcom Dead Rising 10th Anniversary

Dead Rising synopsis:

On the hunt for the scoop of a lifetime, a tip leads Frank to the small suburban town of Willamette that’s been overrun by zombies.

Dead Rising 2 synopsis: 

The sequel introduces Chuck Greene, a professional motorcycle racer. Surrounded by a huge horde of zombies in the casino town of Fortune City, Chuck finds himself in a race against time to obtain Zombrex, a life-saving drug that will keep his daughter Katey alive.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record synopsis

Photojournalist and original hero Frank West takes center stage to find his biggest scoop yet, returning in a reimagining of the Fortune City casino town from Dead Rising 2.



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