Conjuring House Greenlit on Steam, Survival Horror Imminent on Steam

Conjuring, House Game Details RYM GAMES The Conjuring House

Publisher: RYM GAMES

Developer: RYM GAMES

Genre: Survival-Horror

Player: Single

Release Date: 2017

Platform: Steam

Game Description:

The Conjuring House is a paranormal horror game. The facts take place in the early 20th century in an old abandoned Victorian style house with a pretty dark past, a team of mediums and parapsychologists to unravel the mysteries and myths about the place The player is a journalist who goes to cover the event, which runs into the mysterious disappearance of all members of the team, he will face the evil that haunts the place, and will be led to discover the secret behind this old house to find a way to escape the demonic spirits that rule the scene

First impression

The Conjuring House looks beautiful and very cinematic. The graphics and atmosphere are very scary. The level design looks very detailed. The game does have that old school horror design, vibe, and feel. The Conjuring House design is also very similar with Resident Evil Biohazard. Yet, the game has a base on the games developer’s five-core concepts stress, fear, madness, terror, and paranormal events

The Conjuring House does hint toward some epic monster boss battles. There is a downside with which it does play on some clichés. A good example would be the objects moving for themselves without any explanation. The creepy doll cliché and the haunted house cliché. Let’s not forget, the mirror jump scares. RYM GAMES The Conjuring House

According to the press release, the developers provided the following comment:

“Our goal is to put the player inside the game and give the player a feeling of living an experience, rather than playing a game
The goal is to maintain immersion and explore the concept of fear within the player engagement with the game”

RYM GAMES RYM GAMES The Conjuring House

If the developers do succeed in reaching their goals the game will be awesome. The Conjuring House will definitely be an intense psychological thriller. This will be a game worthy of praise and recognition. They might even be able to compete with juggernauts of the horror survival genre.

If this game can deliver everything promised it could be another gem for the horror survival genre. If not the game will be overshadowed by bigger games like the Resident Evil Biohazard.

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