“Corpse Party: Blood Drive” arrives in time for Halloween

According to XSEED Games and Marvelous games, The Japanese horror visual novel, “Corpse Party: Blood Drive” will release exclusively for PlayStation Vita On Tuesday, the 13th of October 2015. “Corpse Party: Blood Drive” will be the third and final chapter in the portable horror series video game franchise. “Corpse Party” engages the players by  transporting them to a frightening setting inside an elementary school. The supernatural premise centers on a group of children that are transported to a dimension populated by the souls of those trapped before them. Characters often die very horrible deaths depending on player’s game choices and also with how the story unfolds.  

The characters to “Corpse Party” are as follows:

The main character is Satoshi Mochida, a timid yet kindhearted high school student who is teased by his classmates for his cowardly nature. Three of the other characters are students from Satoshi’s class: Naomi Nakashima, Satoshi’s childhood friend; Yoshiki Kishinuma, an intimidating yet good-natured student; and Ayumi Shinozaki, the class representative. Rounding out the group is Yuka Mochida, Satoshi’s younger sister. The game’s antagonist is Sachiko Shinozaki, the red ghost of a young girl who kills the students in Heavenly Host in anger over her and her mother’s death.

In “Corpse Party: Blood Drive”  players will explore the Heavenly Host Elementary recreated with a 3D environment, a first ever in the history of the “Corpse Party” video game franchise. “Corpse Party: Blood Drive” will include eleven story chapters and eight “Extra Chapters” to provide additional backstory depth. The game will also include special features such as voice actor interviews, special artwork and extra chapters.

“Corpse Party: Blood Drive” will be available as a downloadable game from the PlayStation for the price of $39.99. However, a physical copy of “Corpse Party: Blood Drive” will be available titled: “Everafter Edition” and retails for $49.99. This is the first time a physical version of the “Corpse Party” video game will be made available locally. Included with the physical edition are:

  • A two-disc soundtrack of the “Corpse Party” video game series,
  • A “Dying Art” grimoire containing 100 plus pages of artwork on the “Corpse Party” franchise.
  • Corpse Party: Book of Shadows
  • Corpse Party: Blood Drive


Source: Hardcoregamer.com



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