Dead Effect 2 Fires Critical Response to Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 Game Details

Publisher:  Bad Fly Interactive

Developer: Bad Fly Interactive

Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Shooter

Release Date: January 13th, January 17th / 18th (PlayStation, Xbox One)

Platform: Steam

Game Description:

Dead Effect 2 is the newest addition to the acclaimed Dead Effect franchise. This action sci-fi shooter is looking to push the boundaries of first-person shooters to new levels with slick graphics, rich narrative and RPG elements.



Developer Bad Fly Interactive Have admitted they screwed up and have threatened to blackball any media outlet that gives them a bad review.

“Let me just mention one thing, though: this is an indie game which, unfortunately, is very often compared with big-budget games, and that’s quite a problem and very many damages its reputation in final ratings. Please take into consideration the fact that this game was created by a small team of developers (11) who just try to develop a good shooter game, and that’s about it. Unfortunately, a number of journalists have other, much bigger expectations from it, and that’s very damaging for us eventually. Also, we’re working on several other games that are definitely interesting, and if your review or preview of Dead Effect 2 is very negative, you won’t receive any keys from us in the future.”

Bad Fly Interactive Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 is a Horror, SciFi first person shooter.  Zombies are the opposing force in this game. Dead Effect 2 is a combination of other first-person shooter titles. The comparison parallels that of/or above other indie games. Dead Effect 2

PC Review

Dead Effect 2 is available on Stream. Let’s get into the game review. The gaming experience is terrible. First, the problem area lies with the lighting. The ambiance is inadequate. As a result, players can’t discern the approaching monsters and zombies. The voice acting is a joke and does not aid in the fear factor.

The graphics are the worst example of today’s game development tools. Dead Effect 2  equals to PlayStation 2 graphics. The demo and game in general scream incomplete. Steam lowered the price to Dead Effect 2. The original price of was $11.99 now you can get it for $3.59. A 70% discount! Perhaps the price drop responded to the lackluster reception on this amateurish development.

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The app version.

The app version for Dead Effect 2 is descent.  The graphics are of average level. Gamers can notice the monsters and zombies. The levels are entertaining. This gaming experience becomes boring fast. Players engage in mundane mission structures. In sum, the same event occurs in every mission.

The voice acting continues to be problematic. As for the story, its best described as a hot mess. The plot seems convoluted. Yet, this version of Dead Effect 2 is forgivable because the game on the app store is free. Dead Effect 2

Final thoughts

Dead Effect 2  should not have released. If the developers (Bad Fly Interactive) knew they messed up why threaten media outlets. This action results in the burning of bridges and thus losing supporters. The poor reviews stem from Bad Fly Interactive’s faults. The developers released an unfinished game, a mash-up of already available first-person shooters.

With all honesty, skip this game. Dead Effect 2 tries to be a gaming experience it is not. To sum, it seems to rip off of a slate of other indie released Horror, Sci-Fi games.

The following is an excerpt from a press released DecayMag received earlier this month;

Indie game developer and publisher BadFly Interactive is proud to announce January 13th and January 17th / 18th as the official launch dates for their award-winning Dead Effect 2 on XBOX One and PS4, respectively.

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