Deadbreed RPG To Launch On Steam

Deadbreed Press Release

“Deadbreed”, the free-to-play Gothic RPG Online Battle Arena, launches on Steam on April 14, 2016.

“Deadbreed” provides the player unprecedented character customization and RPG game play features as the items you equip, not only decide the way the character looks in game, but dictate the way it moves and attacks to.

Equipping a sword and a shield will make you character a close range melee fighter, while re-equipping the same character as an archer, change the way it attacks and its range to that of bow and arrow. You are able to play any character as any class, may it be fighter, mage, tank or assassin and change equipment mid-game, you decide. This opens up totally new ways to explore custom item builds best suited for each character’s abilities, opponents and game scenarios.

Master three different arenas, where the overall goal is to break the crux on the gates to gain access to the citadel and defeat the enemy team’s massive Sentinel end boss. Each arena offers unique tactical choices that change the way the game is played; may it be a troll that can be summoned to fight for your team, transforming into a giant golem or ringing the bell of bones to call upon an army of the undead.

Each arena also features dungeons, which should feel familiar to hack’n slash fans.
“Deadbreed” is available for Windows PC on Steam on April 14th, 2016.

Stay tuned to for more information or visit the Official “Deadbreed” Website





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