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Deluded Mind. Reading the description to this indie developed game one would believe this to be a plot to an upcoming film. Layers of story driven narrative featured in this game title is compelling. “Deluded Mind”embarks on a different path from traditional survival horror concepts. This upcoming release is develop by Germany based Pyxton Studios UG. “Deluded Mind”  is summarized best as a psychological Thriller gaming experience.


FBI agent Dean Catrall serves as the protagonist to the game “Deluded Mind”.  Catrall is your typical tragedy stricken hero. He’s fueled by the unrelenting desire to serve justice to his daughter’s killer. The antagonist is a member of a criminal organization. Joining FBI Agent Dean Catrall on his quest is Robert Page his trusted ally. This story structure reads as a police drama. Yet, the plot transmogrify’s into a different entity.

Psychological aspects begin after Agent Dean Catrall and Robert Page fall into an ambush. The protagonist not only lost his daughter but also loses his colleague Robert Page. After the chain of events unfold players must decipher clues in finding Page’s whereabouts. Yet, the task will not be as easy as it seems. FBI Agent Dean Catrall, finds himself in an abandoned mental institution, incarcerated. Hallucinogenics flowing through Catrall’s system hinders his ability. Therein lies the Horror players must engage with.


“Deluded Mind” is built using the Unreal Engine 4 technology. Pyxton Studios UG used every development tool at their disposal to create a movie experience for gaming consoles. Motion capture technology was used in the development of the game. Voice over actors were employed to bring life to the characters of the story rich gaming experience. Special attention went into the soundscape allowing for atmospheric tension. Featured below is a video demonstration of rendered environments.  The footage is actual in game capture.

Final Thoughts

“Deluded Mind” is a video game Horror gaming enthusiasts should keep an eye out for. Elements offered within the structure and concept resonates challenging engagement. The developers at Pyxton Studios UG strayed away from the use of gore and cheap scares. “Deluded Mind” presents itself as a thought-provoking psychological Thriller. “Deluded Mind” is a much desired concept within the landscape of Action-infused Survival horror titles. This is the brand of innovation needed to invigorate the Horror gaming platform.

Be sure to follow for further developments on this upcoming psychological Thriller video game.

Release Date

serves as both developer and publisher for “Deluded Mind”. Rating is pending for this Horror, Adventure, Action categorized title. A forecast release date for “Deluded Mind” is set for late 2016.

Gaming platform(s):

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • PlayStation 4


About Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability):

The Pyxton Studios UG (limited liability) is a new German company based in Limburg, operating in the
interactive entertainment software industry and specialized in the development of high-quality 3-D
video games for both PC and consoles.

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