Draugen, Upcoming Psychological Horror Game

Draugen is developed by Norwegian based developers Red Thread Games. Back in October the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI) awarded one-hundred-fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) to the towards production of the video game. The Developers will in the near future be placing the title on crowdfunding campaign site, Kickstarter. The goal will be to amass more funding for development of the first-person psychological survival horror title.

The following is the official press release posted on the official “Draugen” Facebook Page.

Draugen Press Release

“Draugen receives NFI grant, enters full production”

Red Thread’s upcoming (deep breath) first-person psychological survival horror adventure (and exhale) has received an incredibly generous $150,000 grant from the Norwegian Film Institute (NFI). Draugen has to date received a total of $370,000 in support from NFI, enabling Red Thread Games to finish the design, prototyping and pre-production phases, and move into full production. Yay!

Draugen is set in an isolated coastal village in northwestern Norway in 1923. The story is experienced through the eyes — and spectacles — of an American traveler, a stranger in a strange land, searching for his missing sister. But when the traveler arrives in this village on the edge of the civilised world, he finds that nothing is quite what it seems…and there are things out there in the deep, dark waters.

Inspired by a heady mix of Norse mythology and New England Gothic, Nordic noir and H.P. Lovecraft, Scandinavian fairy tales and the breathtaking Norwegian landscapes, Draugen will take the brave player on a mysterious, mystical and moody journey into a darkly picturesque nightmare.

Draugen is a psychological survival horror game, and the player will have to survive and stay sane for one whole week in this harsh and alien environment, while investigating the many mysteries, explore the village and its surroundings, and escape the things that whisper and moan and sing in the uncanny shadows.

Draugen is being developed for PC and console platforms, using Unreal Engine 4.

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