Emily Wants to Play Indie Horror Game

Emily Wants to Play is the latest independent Horror game that’s bound to make grown men shriek and  wet their pants.  Developed by SKH Apps the game is based off from a couple of recognizable inspirations. At first glance, the game play immediately brings to mind the ambiance and feel of “Allison Road” developed by Lilith LTD. and published by Team 17.

The concept behind “Emily Wants to Play” however is drawn from the popular mobile game “Five Nights at Freddy’s” developed by Scott Cawthon. In fact, the developer for “Emily Wants to Play” Shawn of SKH Apps, openly admits where the source of his creativity originated from.

“I was very inspired by PT Demo and the Five Nights At Freddy’s series. The simplicity of controls, the types of fear that each invoke, and the seemingly simple yet complex stories. My goal is to create a mix of both.”

Excerpt indiedb.com

What Exactly is “Emily Wants to Play”?

The game is touted as a psychological horror experience that encapsulates traits off both of the aforementioned game titles. However, “Emily Wants to Play” will offer its own distinctive creative game play. The player portrays the role of a pizza delivery man who stumbles upon a deserted home. Locked with the protagonist within the seemingly harmless abode are a porcelain doll, a creepy clown, a ventriloquist dummy and a strange young girl. Strange occurrences begin to occur and its rightly so. The player must endure the evening, piece together clues and find a way to survive..or else. News first surfaced back in July 2015 with a post on the indie game development forum; forums.unrealengine.com. The post read:

I am working on a horror game called Emily, where a pizza delivery guy gets attacked by a ghostly girl and her gang of creepy dolls.

Work immediately began on “Emily wants to play”. Within the forum many offered critique and development suggestions towards the game. The game was placed on Steam Greenlit in hopes of garnering the attention of gamers. Within months the title was successfully green-lit. During this time, the title went from a working idea to multiple alpha version to “a solid final build with zero bugs.

For further information on “Emily Wants to Play” visit the dedicated Steam Greenlight page. The game is slated for release on the 10th of December 2015 via Steam for PC and Mac gaming platforms this 10th.

“Emily Wants to Play” Media

Below are stills taken through various stages of development for “Emily Wants To Play”.

Below are videos, coverage of the upcoming Physiological horror game





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